Ponderings with Doug – September 25, 2015

dougthumbIf you are reading this, it didn’t happen.

If you don’t know, the end of the world or some other apocalyptic event was to happen on Wednesday, September 23rd. I am writing this article on Wednesday morning. I awoke very early just in case it was the last day. Of course, no last day would be complete without anEgg Mc Muffin.Then I went to Walmart for dog food. I bought enough dog food for six days. Did that show my lack of faith?

I can’t figure out what was ending on September 23rd.Too many things are mixed up in all this end of the world mess. The preppers want us to prepare for the end of America. On their websites you can find books about the supplies you will need at the end of time and the ammunition necessary to keep the zombie hoards at bay and the stocks that will grow during the apocalypse thus protecting your retirement. Why do we assume that the end of time means chaos, gunfire and a reordering of our retirement plans?If the EMP asteroid people are right, the earth is wiped out. End of story!

The Christians also pulled out their Bibles and calendars.One guy who has studied the Bible for fifteen years(I rolled my eyes at his credentials, but you couldn’t see that) came up with all these gruesome and far-fetched end of time scenarios happening this week. Did I mention that he has a book for sale? For those of you who are not ancient or a connoisseur of apocalyptic literature, you might not remember Hal Lindsey. Every four years or so, Hal moved his date back and published another book about the end of time. He is living quite comfortably right now on book royalties. What he predicted because he had a “secret” understanding of scripture never happened. End of time books sell, loving your neighbor books don’t. Go figure.

A growth industry was discovered when the preppers went Christian. Now you can purchase ammunition that has been blessed, declared kosher and guaranteed to shoot those heathen zombies who are coming for your stuff. Maybe all this end of times stuff is the adult version of going to a scary movie. We like to be frightened. There are some scary scenarios out there. What Jesus said about the end of time and what this growth industry touts are not close.

I can’t find one passage where Jesus commanded us to build bunkers, arm ourselves and wait for what should be a joyous day of redemption. It seems we are doing the opposite of what the Lord commanded. A better witness to our confidence in Jesus would be to do as He said do, “watch and pray.” Jesus’ idea of watch had very little to do with watching for “signs of the times” and more to do with “watching how you are living.” Are you showing your love for your neighbor or for the stranger? Ah, we don’t buy books on those subjects.

Y’all, by that I refer to my brothers and sisters in Christ, if any of you will claim me; we need to be about the business of Jesus. What is that business? How about telling your neighbor or a stranger about the love of God in Jesus Christ? Can we live with joyous confidence in Christ’s care for us, no matter what?

We are all sinners. Christ died for us while we were sinners. We are made right with God through the work of Christ on the cross. Jesus said, “Repent and believe the gospel.” But don’t stop there. Jesus also said, “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.”

Is your joy complete? Or has your joy been stolen because you are trying to figure out what happens “in the end?” There is only one way to prepare for the end. His name is Jesus. Do you believe in the care of Christ for you? Really? Do you? I am celebrating this last day by asking Jesus to make my “joy complete.”

If you are reading these words, it didn’t happen—again! But don’t give up there is always that red moon on Sunday night!

Article on Confederate Flag Draws Threat


City Hall Flags – Provencal, Louisiana

By Edwin Crayton

An anonymous caller has threatened of one of the content providers of the Natchitoches Parish Journal.com for running an article asking why the Confederate flag flies over city hall in Provencal, Louisiana. Read the article at http://wp.me/p5VQCS-Ky

The fact that someone actually threatened a life merely for publishing an article questioning the flag’s legitimacy illustrates the vicious hatred that still surrounds the controversial symbol.  And it also demonstrates why a growing number of people across the nation are calling for it to be removed from government buildings.  In the interest of full disclosure, I must share that I wrote that article on the Confederate flag flying over the city hall.

The article simply polled whites and African Americans and asked them what they felt when they saw the Confederate flag flying. While several whites and African Americans differed on whether the flag is positive or negative, most agreed that some saw it as a symbol of heritage and people in both groups also acknowledged that it stirred up division.

Indeed, one thing no one can deny, the flag is indeed divisive and tends to open up old wounds. Perhaps this is why even General Robert E. Lee, the south’s top general in the Civil War distanced himself from the flag. In a story from CNN.com, quite surprisingly, Lee is quoted as having said about the flag, “I think it wiser moreover not to keep open the sores of war,” Lee is said to have written this in a letter declining to attend a battlefield Memorial in Gettysburg. The CNN article goes on to comment that there were no flags flown at his funeral, “Confederate or otherwise.”Read the article at: http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/24/us/confederate-flag-myths-facts/

Before the Journal article ran, the city hall at Provencal flew two Confederate flags. But curiously after the news story ran, one of the Confederate flags was replaced with an African Liberation flag but it was flown upside down for some reason. I wondered if that was on purpose or just an accident resulting from ignorance of the flag. So I called Provencal’s mayor to ask about that and about the Confederate flag they’re still flying, but did got get a response by press time.

Supporters of the flag claim that they support it because it’s part of their heritage. But what heritage are they referring to? A look at the history of the Confederate flag, which is technically referred to as the “battle flag” reveals that the truth is, the flag’s entire history has been connected to hate and violence. After a lull in popularity for years, in the 1950s and 60s, the flag began to experience a rebirth, as the Klux Klux Klan and other racist groups began to use the symbol in their opposition to integration and to demonstrate support of white supremacy. Indeed the KKK uses it today quite prominently. In the1950s, angry white mobs who tried to prevent 9 black children from integrating schools in Little Rock, waved the flag as they attacked and cursed the brave high school students, who had to be led into schools by armed federal officers for protection. In the tragic murder of white Civil Rights worker Viola Liuzzo, the flag appeared at rallies as people actually celebrated her killing. But its impact as a racist symbol isn’t limited to America. In a story on businesinsider.com, Matthew Speiser wrote an article that reported that in Germany today, because Nazis are banned from flying the Swastika, they fly the Confederate flag. He adds, “Nazis have adopted the Confederate flag and variations of it because of its historical association as a symbol of racism and white supremacy.” And then of course, we know that Dylan Roof, the young racist who shot the African American church goers in church, prior to the act, had a photo taken of himself holding a Confederate flag. Ironically, despite his act of hatred, in this case the hate crime didn’t inspire racial violence, but offers of Christian forgiveness from the church.

With a heritage of violence, division and racism like that, the question should be, why would anyone really try to claim with a straight face that the flag is just about heritage? And again, if it is, is it a heritage we need to celebrate? To be fair, people have a right to wear it or display it at home. But the question is, should a government building fly such a clearly divisive symbol since government facilities are supposed to represent all the people? When a person feels he must threaten someone simply for an article that criticizes the flag, the final question we all need to ask is, is flying any flag really worth all that?

Rebel Flag

The flag we’ve come to know as the Confederate Flag is really the Battle Flag of the Confederacy and was not the original flag. The sad but historical reality is the flag is most famous for being the one used by white supremacist groups starting in the 1950s and continuing today.

General – Northwestern State rebrands N-Club


The start of the 2015-16 athletic year at Northwestern State has provided the launching pad for a renewed outreach to former NSU athletes to continue their relationship with the university’s athletic program through membership in the N-Club.

Haley Blount, assistant athletic director for marketing and development and a school record holder in the pole vault, is spearheading the revitalization of the athletic letterwinners’ organization.

The N-Club has been in existence since at least the early 1930s, operated by student-athletes into the 1960s. Alumni who were letterwinners assumed leadership and created a support organization called the Graduate N-Club, which functioned effectively from the late 1960s until recent rebranding and restructuring.

“The N-Club creates the perfect opportunity for former letterwinners to stay connected to NSU, as well as to their former teammates and friends,” Blount said. “As we grow and aspire to foster a culture of continued success within the athletics department, N-Club members will be given the unique opportunity of providing meaningful feedback on various aspects of NSU athletics and sport specific ventures.”

“We look forward to quickly shaping the N-Club into something that our current student-athletes aspire to join, once their competition days at NSU are done,” she said. “Our goal is to completely embrace just graduated competitors so they remain bonded with NSU athletics while contributing to an even more satisfying experience for those who follow in their footsteps.”

The N-Club will foster an environment encouraging social interaction, volunteerism and financial support of NSU Athletics, she said.

Membership in the N-Club is open to all former student-athletes who earned a letter while competing at Northwestern State. The N-Club is governed by the Demons Unlimited Foundation board of directors and the members of the N-Club Committee, which includes at least one member from each sport currently offered by NSU.

“The Northwestern N-Club provides the opportunity to stay connected to former teammates,” said football letterman and Bossier Parish businessman Rudy Hines, who has his new N-Club certificate framed and displayed in his office. “For years, I really didn’t have anything in my office to show I had played ball for the Demons.  It also gives me great pride to belong to this group of NSU letterman with my son Blake, who is also an NSU letterman (track and field).”

The N-Club also serves as the official host of the annual N-Club Hall of Fame induction ceremony, staged at homecoming each fall.

N-Club membership is free for first-year graduates and is $60 after the first year. A five-year membership is discounted to $250.

Among benefits of membership are free tailgating for home football games and invitations to exclusive N-Club events. Members will be able to participate in letter award ceremonies to current student-athletes. Special gear available exclusively to N-Club members will be on sale soon, and each N-Club member receives a lapel pin and certificate suitable for framing.

For information, contact Blount at 318-357-4278 or by e-mail at blounth@nsula.edu. Online memberships can be secured and complete N-Club information obtained by visiting NSUDemons.com and going to the Demons Unlimited button at the top of the home page, and clicking on the N-Club link.

Natchitoches Man Hurt in Helicopter Crash in Texas


TYLER COUNTY, TX (North of Houston, TX) – Alfred Christian Bell, 48, of Natchitoches, Louisiana was injured today when the helicopter he was piloting crashed in Tyler County this  morning.

According to the DPS report, dispatch received the report at 10:40 a.m. from County Line Road, which is just off of US 190 and 12 miles west of Woodville.

Bell was the only person on the helicopter. He was taken from the scene by an ambulance and then flown to a Houston hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.

According to the DPS, Bell had only been in the air for about a minute or two, spraying herbicides when he started having engine problems. He was able to fly over several pine trees before crashing into a clear field.

An investigation of the crash is pending.

Photos: Texas D.P.S.

“And So It Begins”

Joe Cunningham, III

Joe Cunningham, III

Joe Cunningham is a conservative commentator, Front Page Editor at RedState.com, contributor to The Hayride, and a teacher in south Louisiana. You can find him on Twitter at @JoePCunningham and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/jcunninghamwrites.

And so it begins. Technically, it started with Rick Perry and his money problems, but now seeing Scott Walker bow out of the presidential race it’s becoming real – there are consequences to what do you, what you say, and how much money you rake in (obvious exception is Donald Trump: see below).

Rick Perry was getting very little money. Sadly, most people could not see how much better he was this cycle because they were still hearing “Oops” from 2012. Scott Walker now has faced some money troubles, but his campaign suffered from a free fall in the polls he could not recover from. Having met Walker in person, and hearing him tell his story, is so awesome that you can’t help but imagine a Walker presidency. However, Walker suffered from a campaign team out of Washington that actively hates the Republican base, and so his natural message of limited government and curbing union power over the labor force was drowned out amid flip-flopping campaign issues and confusingly introduced policy points.

Walker donors – the big donors – are now taking their money either to Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush. Rubio has seen some big donors come his way, Bush not so much. Ted Cruz is still well-funded with small dollar donations and the reputation of being an outsider amongst a bunch of insiders.

Cruz and Rubio are playing it smart. A mix of message and passion for each has suited them very well. The other candidates (Trump again excluded) have not been able to muster up that same kind of energy among their supporters. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that Bobby Jindal is the only governor left in the race that could make the same play and get support, and my guess would be that he’s playing the long game by keeping costs low and putting his message out there in any way he can. His social media game has been, as the kids say, on point lately.

But, ultimately, no matter how Jindal does, it is far more likely (at this point) that the final candidates on the Republican side will be Rubio and Cruz. I’m a little more partial to Rubio, but either would be an interesting way for the Republican Party to go. And, if I were to guess, the Republicans in Washington D.C. would be far more likely to support Rubio than Cruz as they would see him as someone easier to work with.

This leaves one very big question unanswered, however: What in God’s name are we going to do with Trump? Well, his polling is already going down, and I think his supporters will jump ship eventually as he flounders. They’ll go to Fiorina and Carson and, when those two bow out, they’ll move to Cruz. If it plays out like this, I imagine 2016 is going to be a very, very fun year for the political junkies within us.

Witch Way to Main Street Set for October 31

The City of Natchitoches and Natchitoches Main Street Program will sponsor Witch Way to Main Street, a safe and free trick-or-treating event, in downtown Natchitoches on Saturday, October 31, 2015 from 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Witch Way to Main Street will take place on the downtown riverbank and will allow children age 12 and younger to trick-or-treat at participating downtown businesses and sponsored booths. Witch Way will also feature face painting, Sparky the Fire Dog, a Haunted House, tours of the “Haunted” Natchitoches Parish Library Bookmobile, games and more!

Children must be in costume and accompanied by an adult to participate. Candy and prizes will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Natchitoches police officers will be on duty to ensure children’s safety.

Area businesses and organizations are encouraged to sponsor booths and games at Witch Way. Booths may feature interactive games, activities and/or candy distribution.

For more information on Witch Way to Main Street, please call the Natchitoches Main Street office at (318) 352-2746.

Free Trick-or-Treating Event for Children

Football – Local icon Petey Perot is Saturday’s Demon Great of the Game


Petey Perot is known as one of the greatest football players ever in Natchitoches, and ranks among the finest to pull on the purple and white at Northwestern State before becoming a well-regarded mainstay in the National Football League.   At Saturday evening’s 6:06 football game in Turpin Stadium, the NSU athletic department will recognize Perot’s career achievements as he is presented as the Exchange Bank Demon Great of the Game during the first quarter.

An offensive lineman, Perot was a St. Mary’s High School All-State selection who became a second-round NFL Draft pick after an outstanding career at NSU. He started at offensive guard in Super Bowl XV for the Philadelphia Eagles.    Perot was a four-year starter, mostly at tackle, for the Demons from 1975-78 under coach A.L. Williams.

An All-Louisiana selection in 1977-78, Perot was the 48th player picked in the 1979 NFL draft. He played guard for eight NFL seasons as a starter in Philadelphia and New Orleans. He was noted for his consistent ability to handle Dallas Cowboys’ star defensive tackle Randy White, the future Pro Football Hall of Fame member, in classic Eagles-Cowboys contests. Perot was also Sports Illustrated’s Player of the Week for his performance with the Saints against a strong San Francisco team in 1985.

A 1993 N Club Hall of Fame selection, Perot was in the spotlight last May as one of the featured Legends at NSU’s annual Legends Dinner in Bossier City.   Perot was on the roster of the Top 100 Demon Football Players of All-Time selected during NSU’s 2007 football centennial celebration.

He had a highly-successful career in college coaching, mostly at Louisiana Tech, where he is credited with developing Pro Football Hall of Fame member Willie Roaf.

A Demon Great of the Game is spotlighted at each NSU home football game. Another former NFL player, cornerback Keith Thibodeaux, was the NSU great honored at the Sept. 3 home and season opener.


“Rent” to open at Northwestern State Sept. 30

Rent cast

Northwestern State University Theatre and Dance will present the musical “Rent” Sept. 30 – Oct. 2 and Oct. 6 – 11 in Theatre West.

The cast includes, front row from left, DeAngelo Renard, Taylor Smith, Michael Carrier, Alyssa Farmer and Breanna Collier.  On the back row are Alexia Mullally, Grace Brumfield, Holli Conway, Marissa McMickens, Charles Anderson, Jessi Miller and Annie Dauzat. Also in the cast are Chase Miller, Austin Pecot, Luke Matherne and Christian Dantes. Reservations are required. For ticket information, call (318) 357-4218 or (318) 357-4483

Natchitoches Parish Council Meeting – September 21, 2015


Approved: Adopt the minutes of the regular meeting of the Natchitoches Parish Council held Monday, August 17th 2015. And special meeting held Thursday, August 6th.

Conduct a public hearing with the Natchitoches Parish Council sitting as the “Board of Review” to hear complaints on values of property for assessment purposes fixed by Parish Tax Assessor:

Multiple roads have been approved for funding including Payne Subdivision for $515,000 and Coco Bend for $280,000. Other projects that were not approved for funding this year will be resubmitted for funding next year.State Contracts take 60 to 90 days to be filed and work on the funded roads will not begin until the middle of next year. Councilman Rodney Bedgood questioned why Goldonna Road was not on the list of roads that would receive federal money for repair. Each District was able to submit one road for consideration for funding, a priority list for roads was decided by the Council and when reviewed by the State some changes were made. There were many concerns about other individual roads and why they are not being repaired. Donna Isaacs, who served on the Road Advisory Commission, reminded the attendees that there is no way to receive the service that they desire without paying for it. The Parish is grossly underfunded compared to surrounding parishes and a tax increase was suggested.

Approved: The Parish will be submitting an application to the State for improvements to the Payne Subdivision sewer system under the Community Development Block Grant program.

Introduction: Ordinance #10-2015; a budget for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2016 and ending December 3, 2016 and making appropriations for each Department, Project and Account. Changes may need to be made to the Health Insurance budgeting and could go from 16% to 25%.

Discussion of the hiring process with the Parish Departments: Salter inquired about a position for Road Maintenance Supervisor that was filled without being advertised. Directorof Public Works, Mr. Nick Verret, stated that the hiring was approved by the Parish President.

Approved: Authorizing the President to solicit proposals for the lease of a new dozer to replace the current dozer at the Parish Landfill. The current lease expires in November.

Approved: An extension of the Parish road variance along Five Forks Road, relative to the mining operation at the Five Forks Mine. This is based off an operation that was approved in 2012, and is regarding a new mining permit to expand another 90 acres.

Approved: Authorizing the Parish President to advertise for bids for hot mix asphalt patching and leveling work on the Kisatchie Mora Road, Parish Road No. 920, using funding from the U.S. Forest Service Road and Schools grant program, and to award the contract to the lowest bidder.

Approved: Awarding Consultant/Engineering for the LCDBG Program application to G NF Consultants.

Approved: Authorizing the Parish President to execute an Amended Agreement for the transfer of Five Forks Road to LA DOTD, with the Parish to retain the 2,500 linear foot bypassed portion of the existing road in order to provide access to the Friday Road, Parish Road No. 226.

Introduction: Ordinance 11-2015 authorizing the sale of Parish Property to the City of Natchitoches to serve as a future recreation site. The site is an old Public Works building near MLK Head Start center, about 3 acres. The city is buying the property for $73,500.

Introduction: Ordinance 12-2015 authorizing an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Parish of Natchitoches and the City of Natchitoches for Replacement of Defective Electrical Service Equipment to the Parish Courthouse. On July 19th, a conductor faulted and the Parish is responsible for the repair. The City has agreed to help pay for the project.

Introduction: Ordinance 13-2015 authorizing the Parish President to enter into an Agreement with the City, the Sheriff’s Office and the DA in connection with funding of a response vehicle and operating expenses for use of the Parish Coroner.

Unemployment insurance will be changing to Employee Unity Incorporated and the cost will be $1,000 less starting in November.

NSU supports Turn Teal Natchitoches ovarian cancer awareness month

Turn Teal

Northwestern State University is joining Turn Teal Natchitoches to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and support National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  The university Columns will be lit in teal every night this week and several activities are planned to educate the public about ovarian cancer, the importance of knowing one’s family medical history and the effectiveness of early detection.

Students will be painting nails teal in the NSU Student Union from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22. Literature and awareness materials will be available. Turn Teal organizers will also be at Collins Pavilion for the Demon Dash at 5 p.m. Tuesday, where students will compete in a variety of relay games.  Turn Teal will provide teal blue Gatorade.  Turn Teal is also holding a banner contest for Registered Student Organizations.

Turn Teal will be featured during NSU Family Day on Saturday, Sept. 26 prior to the football game versus Central Arkansas.  From 2 p.m. until game time, Turn Teal will be giving away teal ribbons and temporary tattoos, along with teal cotton candy and popcorn, and will host a balloon release for ovarian cancer survivors.

Last week, the Natchitoches City Council issued a proclamation in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

Turn Teal Natchitoches was initiated by Leah Coleman Lentz in honor of her mother, Sue Gregory Coleman, who lost her battle with ovarian cancer in 2012.

“Seeing the Turn Teal initiative grow to this level is heart warming and wonderful,” Lentz said. “For every survivor and every woman who has lost her life to ovarian cancer – this for you.”

Stephanie Dyjack, who was instrumental in organizing this week’s events, is an ovarian cancer survivor who feels led to act for the women who’s journey ended.

“In June of 2012 my teal journey began when an ER doctor said to me the words I never expected to hear: ‘We have found a large mass in your abdomen – the Cancer Center has been called and they are waiting for you.’ I could never have imagined the impact those words would have on my life…but it was not the impact I thought,” Dyjack said.

Over several months and an extensive surgery Dyjack heard the good news that the questionable cells were contained within the two large masses that were found and safely removed.

“What did remain was the lasting impression that the women I met and sat with each week at the Willis Knighton Cancer Center had on me and my outlook on life,” she said.  “The strength, determination, hope and faith that each of those women wore on their face and held within their hearts forever changed me.

“At my lowest times when I was faced with a possible second surgery as my recovery was not going as planned, my mother, who had become my champion and caregiver, would take my hand and tell me to look at the other women sitting in the waiting room, their diagnosis much different than mine and to remember how hard they were fighting and that I was not to give up nor ever forget the grace I had been given.”

For each month Dyjack was a patient at the Cancer Center, she was given a pass card for access.

“I keep those pass cards as a reminder to myself that my teal journey is not over and that I still have to fight to be a voice for awareness as Ovarian Cancer is a cruel disease, a ‘Silent Killer,’ as there are no diagnostic tools for early detection, vague symptoms that are misleading and that there is not enough awareness and education being done. I am thankful for each day that I get to tell my story and to educate my community about ovarian cancer.  My voice is for the women who survived, those that fought hard but their journey has ended and for those strong, brave women who continue to “Fight like a girl,” ever full of hope for a cure.”

For information on Turn Teal Natchitoches, follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/TurnTealNatchitoches.

BESE District 4 – Tony Davis


I am excited to announce my candidacy for BESE District 4 to my family, my friends, my colleagues and the citizens of northwest Louisiana! I have been a passionate advocate for education for years and have made education, STEM and workforce-related projects a primary focus during my service as President of the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce.

I want to bring this perspective to BESE along with a genuine desire to ensure that public education in Louisiana offers every child the chance to learn, that high standards are the norm and not the exception, and that programs like Jump Start and industry-based certifications are used to their fullest potential.

Please join me in supporting our children and the future of our great state!

You can LIKE and SHARE my campaign page, Facebook.com/TonyDavisForBESE, to help spread the word and be sure to visit the site at TonyDavisForBESE.com to join my mailing list and donate.


Tony (and Amy and Jackson!)

1973: Jim Croce – dead at just 30 years of age.

Jim Croce

Jim Croce had just wrapped up a show in Northwestern State University’s Prather Coliseum in Natchitoches, La.  Croce boarded a small chartered plane to travel to his next show in Sherman, Texas.  Sadly, the plane never made it much past the runway. In what was later described as solely a pilot error, the Beechcraft E18S failed to clear a pecan tree while taking off and crashed. All six people aboard were killed.

An investigation showed that the plane crashed on takeoff after clipping a pecan
tree at the end of the runway. The plane failed to gain enough altitude to clear the tree and did not maneuver to avoid it, even though it was the only tree for hundreds of yards. It was reported as dark, but with clear sky, calm winds, and over five miles of visibility with haze darkness limiting use of visual references.

Others who died in the crash were charter pilot Robert N. Elliott, comedian George Stevens, manager and booking agent Kenneth D. Cortose, and road manager Dennis Rast.  Croce was just 30 years old.

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

I Got A Name

Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels)

Time In A Bottle

You Don’t Mess Around With Jim

Croce-on Plane
Croce - News Story

Marthaville Good Ole Days Festival 2015

Louie Bernard, Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court, was the Marthaville Good Ole Days Festival Grand Marshal.  Louie and his staff rode in the parade on a patriot float.  NPJ and the citizens of Natchitoches Parish thank Mr. Louie for his years of perfect service to our great Parish!

Louie Bernard, Clerk of Court

Louie Bernard, Clerk of Court