City of Natchitoches takes position on Confederate Flag


The City of Natchitoches has banned the use/display of the Confederate Flag in the City of Natchitoches Christmas Parade.   In a letter to the Historic District Business Association, which operates the Christmas Festival, Mayor Lee Posey states that the City of Natchitoches (CON) has determined that a significant portion of the public associates the flag with organizations advocating expressions of hate, racism and intolerance directed toward people or groups that is demeaning to them.  The letter also takes a position of concern that the display of the flag in the Christmas Festival Parade could be taken by the public as an endorsement of a symbol that is viewed as racially inflammatory.

The 2010 Census shows that the City of Natchitoches is:

Black/African American 59.20%
White 37.20%
American Indian 0.50%
Asian alone 0.60%
Two or More Races, percent, 2010 1.70%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.00%
Hispanic or Latino 0.80%

150 thoughts on “City of Natchitoches takes position on Confederate Flag

  1. Remember that wisdom and knowledge triumphs over ignorance. So let it be said that those that live in ignorance are doomed to repeat the darkside of history. The Confederacy’s true meaning was that the States have supreme rights and the Federal Government existed only because the States in Union together allowed it to exists. The intention of the founders were that a State entered voluntary not coerced and could leave voluntary or so it was percieved. Thus when Government became too greedy, controlling, and ill concerned with the States needs and betterment, then unrest followed. Sound familiar, so today like it or not in every American, a Confederacy exists in side of us, when we say the Government is overtaxing, intrusive, dictorial, and coercive. Well my friend, you are an American that is the voice inside of you, alerting you that something is wrong. Banning of symbols, books, flags, is the first steps too the darkside of history noone wants to enter into. We become the very ones our fathers fought against on battlefields foreign and domestic. So in reality the Confederate flag is a reminder, not only for States Rights, but also to keep Government in check and that means for the betterment of all races of people regardless of ethnic background. I say this- because I am a War veteran so fly the U.S. Flag and the Confederate Flag, side by side, as a reminder that no matter who we are, we are all Americans willing to defend our Heritage and our Homeland we walk on. Lest we not forget.

  2. On April 23, 1863, Confederate battle flag creator William T. Thompson states, “As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag thus be emblematical of our cause. Upon a red field would stand forth our southern cross, gemmed, preserving in beautiful contrast to the red, white and blue.”


      again quit taking little excerpts and single individual statements to justify the illegal actions of the black person

  3. This post may offend some people but this is on my mind. Up until recently I’ve never given much thought about the Confederate Flag and what is symbolizes but now the issue has come to my hometown and I have given it some thought and here is how I feel about it. The Confederate flag is America’s Swastika!
    The Germans in WWII fought for what they thought was right but they fought for genocide and their cause was still an evil one. Because the cause was evil you don’t see Germans celebrating the valor of the Wehrmact and for good reason. Valor in the service of evil is not something to be revered or memorialized. The Confederates fought for slavery and the history of the south is soaked in the blood and sweat of blacks whose culture and human rights were systematically denied by whip, rape and the lynching tree. But hey, Heritage is Heritage!!
    The justification for the confederate flag is based on the honoring of the ancestors of many southerners who fought for the confederacy and lost their lives and in that same respect many Germans were conscripted or volunteered to fight for the Nazi’s under the banner of the swastika. But here is the difference between the Germans and the Confederates, the German peoples reaction has been to regard the swastika as a symbol of a shameful past. Preserving many concentration camps as museums throughout the country to make sure they never forgot the horrors committed in their name. The history is taught in depth so that they never forget. The South needs to embrace the atrocities committed during slavery and seek redemption and reconciliation. No one in Germany would ever think of waving a swastika flag with the excuse of nostalgia and heritage. The confederate flag should be regarded as a symbol of a shameful past where people either actively participated or were apathetic about the cruel and inhumane acts that occurred.
    Under the banner of “heritage” the claim is that the Confederate flag has nothing to do with fighting a war to defend 300 years of human trafficking and the genocide that entailed and everything to do with a noble history of Southern culture and States’ rights. The Civil War was not about States Rights; it was about maintaining slavery. The South saw slaves as nothing more than “property” and feared the decrease in wealth if slavery were abolished. African Americans view the Confederate Flag as a symbol of this type of thinking and some are deeply offended by and see the individuals who display it as potential racist. Some of you may not understand this but some of you know this to be true.
    Correct me if I am wrong but the confederate flag started to be used as a symbol of white supremacy right around the time of the Civil Rights movement and still up to this very day its still a symbol of white supremacy and hate of another race as well as the Swastika. Some of you know that as well!

    The following came from an article in the Washington Post:

    In 1863, as the Confederate flag was discussed at the Rebel congress in Richmond, a racist newspaper editor — William Tappan Thompson of the Savannah Morning News — weighed in. His idea: Put the battle flag on an expanded field of white to make “the white man’s flag.”

    “As a people, we are fighting to maintain the heaven ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematic,” Thompson wrote. He added in another article: “As a national emblem, it is significant of our higher cause, the cause of a superior race, and a higher civilization contending against ignorance, infidelity, and barbarism.”

    So even from the beginning the confederate flag has been seen as a symbol of White Supremacy so if this is your Heritage and you are not ashame of it then embrace it and really understand it. Be honest about who you are and what you stand for. I can respect that because I’d rather deal or not deal with a person that I know hates me openly than a person who hates me and hides it.

    Ignorance is Bliss!!!!! Know your history! Know what you are defending!!

    • I am beyond shocked that you compared Confederate soldiers to Nazis! The only thing we can compare to Nazis today is ISIS. They want world domination just like Hitler. Yet, some bleeding heart liberals want to understand those Islamic psychos and call my ancestors terrorists. I did not have a single slave owner in my family. One was recently here from Greece, another from England. By today’s standards it wasn’t even “their fight”. But guess what? They moved to Texas and Alabama. The others already lived in Louisiana. We were being taxed in ridiculous amounts. Yes, we still had slaves in the South but it had already been written in our Confederate Constitution that we weren’t importing slaves. Owners died and released slaves. Some bought their freedom. Slavery would have ended in the South anyway. This was no different from America breaking away from England less than 100 years before. We had the right to break away. Then the North invades us, burns and bombs our homes, kills our livestock, rapes our women and ALL men of fighting age were needed to protect the South. You could not be a conscience objector. You had to fight if you were of age. So, again, not a slave owner in my family, but men that had to fight and some died to protect us. Don’t compare our Southern men to Hitler.

    • YOU DO HAVE ONE THING RIGHT someone (YOU!!!) need to study your history you are defintely using ignorance to its broadest spectrum.
      go to then go to civil war history and read all the words in reference to it. maybe then and only then will your eyes be opened and you can then apologize for your ignorant statements.

    • When the geniuses that are running this city and parish unanimously vote to destroy their precious “historical landmark plantations”, THEN I’ll think about giving up my Confederate flag. Instead of trying to forget history, try to learn from it.

  4. I don’t understand how Winston being in the educational field awile and he is ignorant on History you would think if your supposedly educated and something offends you you’d at least know the REAL truth about it

  5. Well my family an I have spent our last dollar in Natchitoches. Will not go to anymore Christmas Festivals. And will not go there for anything else again.

  6. the flag never has and never will stand for slavery, it was a battle flag and that is all. lots of flags flew during slavery, not just that one. and no the civil war was NOT about slavery. it was about the south trying to get out from under the northern rule. the civil war began in 1861, the emmancipation proclamation wasnt signed until 1863!!!! come on ye ignorant politicians and read ur history for once!!!!! u cant remove the parts of history you dont like. blacks owned black slaves and white slaves, whites owned black slaves and white slaves, egyptians had slaves; slaves have always been around, sad yes, but did we as americans or southerners bring that here?!? NO!! africans did. they sold their own relatives in africa and deported them here! so who should REALLY be ashamed?!

    • it is so bad that a politician will not stand up for what is right instead of going with the flow of all this reverse racism. Politicians need to have a stronger backbone and if they truly are educated then they need to help educate their constituents on what is the truth

  7. That flag is a part of America……another throat punch to the veterans of this country. Mr. Mayor, you have offended me with your ignorance and bigotry. My US dollars will not be spent to travel to your city or spend in your city. You are a small minded and gutless person who has no business living in this country. Please go away.

  8. i really wish people would read and study their history.
    1st off the confederate flag was made and used to delineate between the two armys so soldiers knew who was who.
    2nd it was a black man who sold the 1st black person into slavery and it happened IN africa .
    3rd there were more black men that owned black slaves than there were white men.
    Even AFTER slavery was abolished the owners who lived in the northern states continued to own black slaves because “it was hard to find good help” and that was said by a black man.
    so IF ANY Flag should be associated with slavery it should be the african flag
    so people really need to put the blame where it really lies with the african black man

    • You are repeating lies, more black men owned slaves. really?? Do your research and cite where your info came from. Meanwhile, let me drop some facts about this flag.

      Truth Be Told All Participants in the Confederacy are Traitors and Committed Treason!!

      In its inception, the Confederacy was about racism. Read the Cornerstone Speech and the Confederate Constitution. Read the declarations of secession for each. state. These are in their own words. Each document, explicitly, states threats to slavery as reasons for secession.

      Here is an excerpt of a speech (Cornerstone Speech) of Alexander H. Stephens, one of the founders, and Vice President of the Confederacy. He spoke of the United States of America advocating equality, and “denying them their right to property (i.e. human beings/negro slaves). They saw these as their justification for secession:

      “…Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner-stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical and moral truth…”

      The Confederate Constitution Section 1, (4) reads “No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves shall be passed.”

      Again, in their own words, RACIST HATE!

      Furthermore, To declare war against, or fight in a war against your own country is TREASON. Ironically, in creating their new government, they also used words like integrity and patriotic. Really?

      Call it what it is! Treason equals traitor. They made the choice to fight against their own country.

      In my opinion, they were no better than the misguided Americans doing the dirty deeds of Isis today.

      America is the only country, that I know of, that has monuments, streets, buildings, flags, etc. dedicated to traitors. In Germany there are zero monuments to Hitler or the third reich, no schools, nothing. Additionally, it is against the law to display any symbols representing them.

      The “Stars and Bars” flag, currently the subject of controversy, was the confederate battle flag of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Hence, the product of a treasonous war, fought by traitors of the USA. Not for a honorable cause, not because of
      mistreatment by their government, but it was because a group felt they had the right to continue to enslave others because of the color of their skin, and whom they felt superior to. If that’s not racism, what is?

      Numerous acts of cruelty, including brutal beatings, rapes, murders, and castrations of men, women and children, were committed under the banner of this flag. Some happening well before groups like the KKK, Dixiecrats, and skin heads came to be. There was no hijacking it. These were like-minded people, all filled with hate.

      I can’t imagine any U.S government official suggesting a tribute to Hitler, or the Nazi flag be erected anywhere.

      I say that with all due respect. I feel great compassion for victims of the Holocaust and their families.

      One is a symbol of atrocities committed here in the United States of America and the other of atrocities on foreign soil. Both were equally horrendous.

      One occurred here on American soil, The other on foreign soil. It’s ironic that, here in America, great credence is given to one, while the other is not even supposed to be spoken of, least some are made “uncomfortable.” Having a conversation about Slavery is “playing the race card,” but the confederate flag is historic and noble? I Think Not!!

      We should all come together to take down, and ban the confederate flags from all government facilities in our country. Tax payer dollars should not be used to support them. Put them in the museums. If people want to have them in their homes, they have that right. These flags do not deserve a place of honor in our government, neither do the monuments.

      I have heard President Obama speak of confederate valor, SC Governor Haley speak of treating the confederate flag with respect. News stations that seem to cater to what, and who celebrities are doing, rather than real news, do a disservice to us all.
      I long for real reporting again, people like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. People who will follow a story to the truth, not concerned with whether, or not, it is a good “career move.” It would be great if our news agencies, tv and print, which is how most Americans get information, would be professional about doing their job. Reporting the news is ??????. There are already more than enough tv shows, magazines, and websites dedicated to celebrities.

      Not even my sixteen year old granddaughter, feels their should be more celebrity news.

      One of my pet peeves is that when our country makes the most important decisions, like electing who will lead our country, on the local news all we get is fluff. Cable news is only slightly better. Nothing to really help us make informed decisions.
      The truth is not readily available, even in America, we have to dig for it.

      Colleges, city, county, state governments, and various institutions are now voting on the removal/or not of these horrific symbols. All Americans definitely need to read the aforementioned documents. We all need some TRUTH!

      “Confederacy Equals Traitors Who Committed Treason,” should be our national cry to all who use words like nobility, patriotic, heroes, in attempting to justify this flag. Or supporters of it’s removal are only acting out of “political correctness,”

      • and I am going to assume you are black.

        I am 54 yrs old and I have studied my history YES there were people who tried to make things racial but YOU need to put out ALL THE FACTS not just what supports your ideology of reverse racism.
        YOU and all those like you need to stop trying to get rid of OUR history and trying to replace it with some other country flag and customs. Leave our history and way of life alone we are not racist we are not killing blacks IF ANYTHING GO AFTER THOSE SINGLE INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE. and while you are at it go after the black indivuals who are oppressing other blacks and killing other blacks and get rid of the flags and statues that they are flying and using as a crutch.

        so please do not come at me with just the little info you want to put out there just to support your reverse racist actions and leave the past in the past

      • Do NOT forget the atrocities against the true Americans – the Native Americans — under the US Flag. NO ONE ever mentions how they were treated and practically erased from this land. OR, as you are pointing out treason, don’t forget those who committed treason against England. You can put any spin on a flag, or a race, or a country that suits your agenda. It’s just okay if it’s all about you.

        • i have done my research which is WHY i am able to make my comments YOU do your own true research and face facts. I just wonder where you were born, how old you are, and if you are black or white. you sound like a person who believes and supports black lives matter instead of ALL lives matter

      • SA Carter, nowhere in the constitution did it say that a state once entered the union could not leave the union, therefore it was not treason. You say the war was fought to preserve slavery. The United States Congress offered the southern states to pass an amendment to forever make slavery legal if they would not leave the union, the south refused. Therefore if the south only wanted to keep slaves, all they had to do was not succeed. You quote the vice president of the Confederacy’s speech about the white race being supervisor to the black race but failed to mention Abraham Lincoln’s speech stating the exact same thing and of his intentions to ship the black race back to Africa. Lincoln’s only reason for the emancipation proclamation was to keep England out of the war ans to renew the northern people’s failing interest in a unpopular war. And he only freed the slaves in territory that he had no control over and did not free any slaves in territory that he was in control over. Please learn more about history before giving your one sided opinion.

      • so explain this

        explain how it is the fault of the white race that a black man sold the 1st and many there after into slavery.
        explain how it is the fault of the white race and the confederate flag that still even today blacks men have black slaves in africa.
        explain to me how it is that it is the fault of the white race that obama and the black lives matter movement people are supporting sharia law when if people really studied it they would find it will imprison women
        explain to me how it is the fault of the white race that black people are committing crimes against others when they are receiving free education free land free welfare freedom of speech freedom of expression and the white race does NOT get free education free land ability for free speech and freedom of expression
        I am 54 years old and unless you were born in the time of slavery or your parents were slaves then YOU have never felt or lived that life and have had it good. i as a kid was dirt poor and used welfare system but guess what i am now not using it i joined and retired from the U.S. Navy and I am really tired of people not taking responsibility for their own actions and working to EARN what they get and have.
        now go do your complete research study all the history and quit just stating portions to support your ignorance.

  9. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and nearly every founding father were terrorist slave owners and America was founded on the evil capitalist system that does not allow for the equality of outcomes for all men. As our great President says America needs to be fundamentally transformed so we can have fairness and equality for all. Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton will continue this great transformation to a Socialist Democrat system where we will all be free from the symbols of oppression of hate like the Confederate Battle Flag and eventually the flag that truly represents oppression and hate the current flag of the United States.

    • first off obama IS NOT a great president 2ndly if people would study their history they would learn that a black man was the person who sold black person into slavery also you would find that there were more black men who owned slaves than there were white slave owners. ANDDDD the confederate flag had NOTHING to do with slavery it was a way to identify which army was which I TRULY WISH PEOPLE WOULD GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT

    • You are right but people don’t want to listen to history. They just want to blame the white man for their own wrong doing. It’s time for us to take a stand and demand our flag is flown proudly once again. I have four facing a major highway. Try to make me take them down. You’ll have a major problem on your hands.

  10. I would Hope that the opposing factions not draw battle lines and take intractable stands. Each position has merits. For the sake of harmony and good will, let there be a mediation that results in an acceptable resolution to a majority, if not the entirety of our community. Opinions and perspectives of both sides of this issue should be respected by all. Heavy handedness by the powers that be only exacerbates the division that naturally exists in such matters.

  11. Thank you, City of Natchitoches, for declining to promote racism in future parades. Many of us support you in this decision.

    To the rest of you who are offended: Get over it. The war was over 150 years ago, and the Confederacy was DEFEATED. The flag you are so proud of was flown by an enemy of the United States. Flying it now is not patriotic.

    Consider this: How would you feel if descendants of Japanese soldiers wanted to march with the Japanese battle flag in a WW2 parade? After all, it is their “heritage” and part of Anerican history.

    • The Confederate flag does not equate with racism. Yes, there are misguided individuals who have used it as their symbol, but those same individuals also use the United States flag and flags of other nations and cultures (ie the African flag) to espouse racists positions and acts.

      Furthermore, your analogy simply isn’t the same. IF said descendants of Japanese soldiers wanted to commemorate their ancestors acts in a parade in their own country, they should certainly have the right to do so. Doing that here, would indeed be inappropriate. However, I am sure they feel pride and honor and view their ancestors as heroic. Many of them died at our hands and they are right to remember them. You seriously need some education in history.

    • You tell me 1 thing that makes that flag about race. I can tell you, narrow minded people like yourself that make it what they want it to be, just like the mayor. 99% do not see it that way. If that is racist…then we better plow down the plantation homes and slave qaurters. They won’t because of $$$! They pick and choose. They are hypocrites!

    • lets get something straight the confederate flag was NOT a supporter of racism or slavery. the flag was used to identify the confederate army THAT IS ALL.
      if people would also read study their history they would find out that 1st it was a black man who sold the 1st person into slavery it was also not an american who brought the slaves here either. 2nd there were more black men who owned black slaves than white men so if we want to blame flags for slavery then the african flag should also be blamed since that is where slavery started
      people need to quit blaming artifacts and or inaniment objects for what the black man started and quit falsely accusing a single race (white) for what the black race started and was primarily involved with

  12. here’s a thought, why don’t all of you that think the rebel flag is a symbol of slavery and hate pick up a real damn history book,not the one that the government deems appropriate.
    thanx mayor posey for showing your ignorance!!!!!!!!!

  13. Out of the “racial makeup” of the city, all but the Hawaiians were very well represented in the ranks of the Confederate army. Over 60,000 free Negroes fought FOR the South’s freedom, Several entire tribes of Native Americans, many thousands of Latinos and Asians, thousands upon thousands of Scots and Irish and other Europeans, all defending their homeland. To ban the SCV and the Battle Flag from the Christmas parade is a horribly insulting and evil slap in the face to all of Natchitoches’ heritages and to all their ancestors. YOU DO *NOT* WANT TO DO THIS! Isn’t it amazing how you welcomed the big 200th Anniversary reenactment last year which brought many thousands of dollars in tourism to the city, yet you turn your backs on them now? Where is the “tolerance”,,the “inclusiveness”? Not in the current Natchitoches city government, that’s for sure. Shame on you!

  14. Join us on Facebook “We support the Confederate flag” and boycott this liberal, pansy event, the city, and the state of Louisiana.

  15. All symbols stand for that which we choose to believe they symbolize.
    Facts are often overridden by emotion, distortion, and political agendas.
    This is not likely to change.
    People are flawed.

  16. What a hypocrite, the mayor certainly didn’t Confederate flags last November when the SCV put on a reenactment for the 300th Anniversary of Natchitoches. They brought in thousands of dollars and tourist to he city. BTW, not report- the mayor lied to the SCV, he originally told them they could be in the parade, and then flip flopped. A city can not engage in view point discrimination. They will get sued

  17. Flags can be taken down and people can try to forget history BUT,,,,,you will never get rid of hate or racism because the very people that cry racism are the very ones keeping racism alive in everyone. In other words…..It is up to the ones feeling hated against to CHANGE the way they act, in order to change the thoughts of others.

  18. As a proud member of the SCV I am saddened, ashamed and embarrassed that the leftist politically correct crowd has taken over this country. Particularly in the heart, the very vestiges of Dixie. We have squandered our obligation to protect and defend our noble ancestors who fought the Yankee invasion of the South. Racist hate groups have used this honorable flag as a symbol to promote their ungodly evil agenda. However they have used other flags such as the US and Christian flag. Those will be the next icons of history to be banned from public display. The US flag flew over slavery long before and even after slavery was abolished. Sorry to bust the bubble of all the Honest Abe support group but the Emancipation Proclamation DID NOT free all the slaves!! Read it and get educated before the chest pounding gets too bad
    One cannot judge events, people or cultures from history by today’s standards. As we will be be judged by our actions or inaction by future generations.
    As for me and my family and associates the Battle Flag will continue to fly HIGHER. I would encourage all the supporters of history to do the same. I would also suggest get involved with the SCV in your area. To continue this suppot is essential.

    • Thank You Bruce Tarver, I agree 100%, I was born and raised in Natchitoches and it saddens me to no end that Mayor Posey would cave in to this behavior, Natchitoches has always been a Historial Town. Our Southern Heritage or Dixie is what made Natchitoches what it is today. The Plantations and Plantation Homes are a big draw every year for the city during The Tour of Homes, what will Mayor Posey do next? Will he order the Destruction of all The Plantation Homes, I know that sounds Silly, but so does not allowing The Confederate Flag to be Flown at The Parade, SHAME on you Mayor Posey, you have not done what is the best for Natchitoches, you are trying to Destroy our Cities History, I for one am Ashamed of you, and I can’t support your Disission, but I will still Pray for you and The City of Natchitoches, being Racist has nothing to do with it, but Mayor Posey, the people you are supporting are The Racist Ones ………..

  19. I encourage everyone who is upset by this nonsense with the Confederate flag to respond by refusing to display any American flags or participate in anything meant to be patriotic in any way. After all, censoring the Confederate flag goes against the very concept that this is a free country. So if the Confederate flag is going to be censored because it offends some people who consider it a symbol of racism and hatred, then I’m censoring the American flag because it offends me as a symbol of a lie that this is a free country.

  20. If this is so passionate of an issue for some of you that support the historical performance during the parade, then why is it you can’t get your historical facts correct when you had the chance. There where soldiers of color that fought for the confederacy and there isn’t any representation of the many slaves that died fighting during that time period. Even the President of the confederacy had a black wife who was the mother for the daughters of the confederacy, but still no representation was given. The only thing that flag represent to the people of color, which represents over 50% of this historical town, is lynching and slavery. Sorry, it’s just the truth!! I had ancestors that fought and died as a confederate soldier, but it isn’t represented as a badge of honor for our family. It has been tainted with hate, slavery, and evil. Thank you Mr. Posey for having the courage to make such a decision as this one. And one more thing, please get your facts right in regards of the battles that went on in Louisiana!!! African-American soldiers were key contributors in a lot of those victories!! I love history, but it’s time to put it in the museum and leave it out of the parade!!

  21. It would be nice if someone in any office had a backbone rather than cower down to the majority of the voters. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t care about history, they just care about re-election! You people need to grow some balls!

  22. Seems like a crock of bull to me, I read some of these comments alot of y’all can’t even recall the battle flag in the past Christmas parade, pretty sad y’all have to be told about it then holler offended.

  23. With the culture of this city molded by some of the true meanings of this flag, needless to say I want be at your parade, nor my family. Seems no one has the strength to stand up for the “right thing” anymore. I do. Want support it…… and will fly it……High. I may not be the majority but I want lay down for you.

  24. I find it sad that you will make this decision, but still promote and profit off of plantation tours. Natchitoches .net promotes plantation tours complete with slavery quarters. I feel you can’t have it both ways history is history .

    • Earl, I think the distinction is the plantations and slavery quarters are not currently in use by groups espousing racist ideologies and white supremacist viewpoints. Unfortunately, the flag is.

      • Just Me

        I am Native American and I am offended that our land was taken away from us and tribes were obliterated and sent packing on the trail of tears by the white man. When do I get ;my land back? When do I get paid for my heritage? When have you heard me complain before now?
        WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP??????? YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE WHO IS OFFENDED BY SOMETHING!! This is one reason that our country is in the sad shape it’s in today. If you are offended by the Confederate flag, THEN STAY HOME THAT DAY!! The Sons of Confederate Veterans have a right to freedom of speech and a right to be proud of their heritage as much as anyone else!!
        What is the world coming to? Nukkah!!

  25. The flag does have a history steeped at least partly in valor…from 150 years ago. Just 60 years ago, though, it was used as the symbol in the fight to keep segregation. Over the decades, racist groups have appropriated our precious symbol to support their evil missions. We southerners should fight back against these groups, purifying our flag until it symbolizes those virtues we claim it does. Then we can fly it with pride. Until then, I’m with the mayor.

  26. It’s good to see this symbol of hatred and sedition being removed. The people who fought under it rebelled against their country and ripped it apart, plunging the nation into the deadliest war in American history and needlessly costing well over 600,000 lives–all in a desperate attempt to perpetuate the Southern elite’s economic hegemony and its stranglehold on blacks. This flag represents a backwards mentality that no longer belongs in the 21st Century. Natchitoches is better for taking this stance and for recognizing the flag for what it is–a vile, disgusting, hateful symbol that belongs in the dustbin of history.

    • Unfortunately, Prometheusburns is ignorant of who and what started the war. Your words are dribble and hold no intellectual weight. Today’s government has made a slave of everyone. Too bad you cannot synthesize that you are promoting cultural genocide. Be careful, such thoughts and actions have caused the extermination of many cultures over the course of history. After reading your comments I believe you have become a vile, hateful person. Please look in the mirror before you cast stones.

  27. That’s such a shame how much longer before we won’t be allowed to wave the American flag because it might offend someone. I feel like the confederate flag stands for us being a nation of God and being proud to say it and not trying to be politically correct.The CSA would be today a much better nation than we are today.This is what the flag stands for the x stands for st.Andrew being crucified he was gods disciple the white border stands for with the protection of God the red stands for the lords blood spilled for us and the blue stands for freedom. One day there will be another civil war between the union and the Americans if this foolish tyranny continues. I hope one day this will be a nation of true freedom but it may never be until we have godly leaders like Robert E Lee who did not own any slaves because he was against slavery unlike “Honest Abe” who owned many slaves and clearly said in his inauguration I in no way mean to bring equality among the races. We all know that flag never stood for slavery I hope one day we can all stand and say I’m proud to live in the confederate states of America.God bless all those who have fallen for this land who are now being shamed we won’t let happen any longer. Take a stand if we don’t they will take the heart out of Dixieland.

  28. I think people need to just GET OVER IT! Most of them don’t even know that flag’s true origins or its meaning. Why not honor the TRUE Natives of this land?Times have changed people, out with the old, in with the new. Kick, scream, shout, and fuss all you want, but that flag ain’t comin’ back. GET OVER IT!

  29. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a group of descendents of Confederate soldiers, whose purpose is to preserve and promote the historic significance of this important event in American history. It is the firm belief by the SCV that the Civil War was not fought to preserve slavery. It was fought for states’ rights and to avoid the extreme taxation by the North. This is NOT a hate group, in any way, form, or fashion! The people of this group who march and ride floats in this parade are dressed in authentic Civil War period clothing. It is an educational display of living history. Since the Confederate flags are a part of this history, yes, they are displayed. How can one of the most historic cities in Louisiana deny the existance of the Civil War? You can remove the flag, but you cannot erase history. I will miss riding the float in this parade and throwing beads, stuffed animals, and candy to ALL the parade goers of ALL races. I am sure that many of them will miss seeing us.

    • Jan, if you read the documents of secession from most of the CSA states, preserving slavery was a key tenet. To me, that doesn’t matter. What matters is the perversion of the flag by modern groups who are in fact racist. SCV folks are good people. Perhaps, they will lead the charge to denounce the groups that have misappropriated the flag.

  30. Have you people NOT read the history behind the Confederate Flag????? You are just confirming how ignorant You really are NATCHITOCHES!!! OR, just afraid of the “masses”!!!!

  31. I’ve never been prouder of my mayor or more excited about the parade than I am upon hearing of this decision. Thank you for making a good decision, Mayor Posey.

    • Isn’t he up for reelection? and might have a black opponent? He languished in the mood last fall during the reenactment and “that flag” was all over downtown. Now the spineless excuse for a human being caved in. By the way he also banned the Union reenactors from being in the parade and carrying their flag…Old Glory The Star and Stripes THE AMERICAN FLAG. How can he get away with that banning the American Flag? Shame on you Posey you will let half-naked teenagers dance provocatively down Front St but we can’t carry an American Flag Shame on you, you liberal white trash.

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