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  1. We constantly hear that the Confederate Battle Flag belongs in a museum. So the Sons of Confederate Veterans sends an authentic living interactive history exhibit for the public to experience (first hand, close enough to touch, and for FREE) and your Mayor decides that he will not allow it. What a terrible thing to force upon his constituents. These re-enactors, who appear as though they could have marched straight out of a movie like “Night at the Museum” come from all parts of the state, with a few out-of-staters mixed in, at their own expense to bring goodwill and an authentic historical feel to the public. I know because I am one of them who has participated many times. As far as I can tell, there has never been a negative “incident” during the twenty or so years that this law abiding group has participated. Our group is truly disappointed, since we very much liked the people of the city, the shop keepers, and the restaurant owners. We also enjoyed our participation in the re-enactment and our march through the city earlier this year for the 150th Celebration. On the other hand, this measure has now enlightened us as to just how much the mayor and evidently the City of Natchitoches liked us. I do not intend to visit or spend any money in a place that has no respect for me or my friends or my ancestors.

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  3. The Mayor needs to be careful cause he has told some people who the group was that was complaining so he needs to tell the truth that it was a group of certain people who were complaining

  4. Why is it the true history cannot be revealed and told like it should be, if people would only research just a little bit on their own, they could find some of the true facts around the war between the states, or as I would like to call it the war of northern aggression. For one the federal government took over our schools after the war, and to justify what they did to the south, they said they was freeing the black man.
    If you will pull up this link, you will find out many of the slave owners, was freed blacks, but this is never brought up or is it ever taught, is here’s the link – http://slaverebellion.org/index.php?page=the-black-slave-owners
    I get so sick of the lies, which are told to us by our federal government. Our great leaders and our great Confederate soldiers was not fighting to keep the black slaves, they were fighting a tyrant government, that wanted all power, because their hands was tied by states right, they couldn’t pass a law without the states ratifying it. So today we have a all powerful government, that is out of control. Can I get an AMEN on that. The federal government is the enemy here, they are the ones that like to create the opposition between the blacks and white, but people can’t seem to see this.
    As far as the SCV, we members are historians that love our Southern heritage, our Confederate Soldiers, and our Confederate Flag (all of them). At least we know our true history, and we feel honored to when we get to display our Confederate Flags. At least we teach our children their true history, not all of us are blind.
    Mr. Mayor you may keep us from marching in your parade, but I feel you will see that you have make a big mistake, as I think you will see more Confederate Flags on the sidelines, than you would have with us.
    Deo Vindice! (Another Southern Saying)

  5. Why wouldn’t they be more upset about existing Plantations? Knowing that Slaves walked those grounds. Come on Winston!

  6. The real point seems to be lost with trying to be “politically correct”. The flag was defeated, and surrendered, as part of the surrender by the confederate commanding officers. Thus the flag is not eligible to be flown again in public venue. Sorry,, it’s part of soldiers code of honor. They knew it and understood it back then. Respect them by honoring their tradition.

    • My Confederate officer never received orders from the governor of South Carolina. Co. B (Arsenal Cadets) of the South Carolina Battalion of State Cadets were sent home with arms to wait orders to surrender. This was not an uncommon case. The United Confederate Veterans used the flag and the Sons of Confederate Veterans was passed along the charge to honor the Confederate Veteran by General Stephen D. Lee in 1896. There are many images of the UCV using both national government flags and the soldiers’ flag (the Confederate Battleflag) in many historical photographs in their reunions which were public events. In fact one of the last reunions (1917) was in Washington, DC where the two surviving veterans in Congress and the Senate — one form each side, marched in the UCV parade. See Washington Post 10 June 1917 page 8 for example has photographs of the veterans with both CS Battleflags and US flags. Clearly many of the veterans did not put away the flag — from privates to officers.

  7. Please remove the tweaking, gyrating and rap music from the parade. It offends many of the longtime tax paying, voting residents of Natchitoches who like to attend the parade.

  8. The SCV should have taken the option for marching under the “original Confederate flag” as on 1 October 1861 the War Department authorized the new battleflag. Since the SCV are descendants of the Confederate Veteran then the flying of the “original Confederate flag” and the Confederate Battleflag is basically the same, although this 1861 order the flag would be 4×4 feet square for infantry vs the typical navy jack version. Now lets hope more flags line the route than would be on display in the marching formation.

  9. “Leave our differences on the doorstep”?
    How ironic, Mr Mayor.
    “Embrace”? “Unity”? “Goodwill”? Yes, as long as whatever is done is approved by the minority of the populous.

  10. “Leave our differences on the doorstep”?
    How ironic, Mr Mayor.
    “Embrace”? “Unity”? “Goodwill”? Yes, as long as it ok with the minority of the populous.

    I will decline to come “home” for the festival. What a shame.

  11. All you have done is cause a shit storm of problems by removing one flag. Now you will have hundreds flying on the side line. Chaos????

  12. I’m sorry that you are blind and incompetent in your decision making for this city Mayor Posey, but obliviously you made your decision on based on the concerns of parcel percentage of the citizens of Natchitoches instead of a whole. Why all of a sudden has the Confederate Flag become issue? It represents so much more then what you want to label it as. Have you put into consideration how the Civil War re-en actors may feel? They take part in the parade because they are proud of the accomplishments of their fore-fathers and take pride in our city. You stated that the Christmas Parade should be a symbol of Christmas Season then what about the blaring of rap music that you allow ride in the parade? Have you thought about the citizens who find rap music offensive? The Confederate Flag isn’t the only thing in the Christmas Parade that doesn’t represent Christmas, but at least it represents history and pride.

  13. Why instead of banning our history, educate the people that seem to be so offended? Yes you are suppose to represent the people of this community again I ask why would something of our history that has never meant racism or the rest of the complaint. The SCV who and have carried our flag in this parade have never promoted ugliness, but respect to all our fallen soldiers. Wake up people again what’s next telling us what to preach in our churches. The madness has to stop and with all your political correctness you will lose your own respect. Stand for what right and educate yourself on history

  14. You Sir are a liar…I hope the town gets you out of office soon and I hope you take Mr. Winston with you when you go…More people are offended by the removal of their historical symbols than are upset about keeping them…That makes you a liar who is bending to political bribery..Our family will never spend another dime in Natchitoches as long as you and that race baiter are in public office..

  15. mayor posey ,
    the kkk has the american flag at every event are you going to tell people not to carry the american flag because a few nit wits use it for evil ?
    i guess our family is STILL not coming to the christmas parade .

  16. I will not be attending the fest this year the city of natchitoches is asking for trouble their is a lot of ppl who is very upset over this. And for me I love my confederate flag this is just crazy what will they band next

  17. Thank you, Mayor Posey! I am so proud to be associated with a city that has chosen to do the right thing!

  18. What a liar, his original letter banned ALL confederate flags. The mayor s also wrong about the flag, the flag “he will allow” is not the historically correct flag, that first flag was replaced bu the Confederate congress to one with the bale flag on it

  19. Thank you very much for this decision. I agree with it in part and in whole. Please have a safe, happy, and fruitful holiday season. And a Happy New Year. Jon G. Donlon

  20. I am so very proud of my mayor. Thank you, Lee Posey, for making our city just a little more welcoming to all. He is correct, the Christmas Festival should seek to bind us together, not divide.

    It is disappointing to hear that a historical group would refuse to march with the appropriate, historically accurate confederate flag.

      • I will not be attending the fest this year the city of natchitoches is asking for trouble their is a lot of ppl who is very upset over this. And for me I love my confederate flag this is just crazy what will they band next

    • Yu know nothing about the flag I see. It disappointing the Winston is baiting a race war . If you want them to not be proud and celebrate their history how they see fit then stop with the Black history month, and black heritage parade that celebrate Winston history . Either let them both celebrate or stop all of it

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