Ponderings with Doug – January 8, 2016



The dogs run in the field behind the house.

Since the field is closed in on three sides by houses and fences, the dogs are basically safe. It is a good way for them to run off some of their canine energy. They have been digging in the field. Dora, the terrier mutt has dispatched at least five moles. The last mole she dispatched was brought inside the house to share with her humans. It must be confusing to the canine when the human takes the gift to the trash immediately.

The ritual is the same. Dora goes out the doggy door, turns around and stares at me. Her look is translated, “Human quit watching Paul Finebaum and let me out to dig up the moles.” We go to the back gate and the dogs are turned out. The two labs don’t stay gone long. There is nothing for them to retrieve and they grow weary of helping Dora dig.

It is Dora who is the problem.

Last week I turned them out. The two labs came back. I waited an appropriate amount of time for mole hunting and went to the gate to call Dora. I couldn’t see her. I scanned the field a couple of times. I walked out into the field beyond my usual range. No Dora.

If anything happens to that dog I will be in the dog house for a long time. She is my bride’s favorite dog. There are days (most of them) when Dora rates higher than I do.

“Dora,” I called and nothing.

I spotted dirt flying from the middle of the field. Then I saw her. I saw her back out of a hole. She disappeared back in the hole and more dirt flew. The hole is deeper than Dora is tall. This particular hole is marked by a path to the back gate. When I open the back gate, Dora goes immediately to that one place. It must be some mole expressway she has uncovered.

If you live near us you can thank Dora for the decline in mole activity in your yard. If you own the field, and you are cutting hay and the tractor goes bump, I am sorry for the hole my dog is digging.

It was amusing to see Dora come out of that hole. She is covered in dirt and panting hard. The dog vanishing in the mole hole is a metaphor for situations in which we find ourselves and for what happens when we try to get out of our self-dug holes.

At the beginning of a new year, is there a hole you need to escape? You have dug this hole for yourself and you can’t figure out how to escape. The first step is to stop digging. On Sunday you can find a church and they can help you with the next steps. There are all sorts of stories of pits, lion’s dens and caves in the Bible and how people escaped.

Remember, at times the way forward and the way out is to stop!