When Crawfish and Carnival Collide


By Natalie Covher

They go by many names crayfish, crawdads, mudbugs but around here we refer to these tasty crustaceans as CRAWFISH! So far the 2016 season has produced some real fat daddies. Usually crawfish season lasts from mid-January through early July but December’s warms weather produced an early crop of crawfish.

At first they were real big,” said the folks at Fat Daddy’s Crawfish. “They went down in size for a week or two but now they are getting big again!”

The warm weather we have been enjoying this past week kept crawfish out and about eating in their ponds growing bigger and bigger for us to feast on. Sometimes big crawfish and Mardi Gras don’t line up just right, but it seems crawfish and Carnival are aligning perfectly this year. Thinking about adding a crawfish boil to your Mardi Gras festivities? The two go hand-in-hand, neither are to be rushed and both are great ways to enjoy time with family and friends. Most people can eat between 3-6 pounds of crawfish per person. Fat Daddy’s Crawfish have already begun taking orders for Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl. You can score some of these delectable mudbugs cooked for $5.49 a pound and uncooked for $3.75 a pound.

Don’t forget about these pinching morsels once Carnival has past, any Friday during Lent could become a party with there addition.