Police Jurors Hold Parish Council Hostage


Parish Council March 21, 2016

Anyone who attended the Parish Council meeting this past Monday had the great misfortune of sitting through two hours of theatrics and feigned hysteria orchestrated by two Council members who seem incapable of letting go of their Policy Jury mentality.  And, all of this was before the first Agenda item was even discussed! At one point in the meeting, Councilwoman Patsy Ward Hoover began bawling uncontrollably and ran out of the room, causing those in the audience to look at each other in complete disbelief.

The shenanigans continued once the Council finally began to address the Agenda items.  Neither Patsy Ward Hoover nor Chris Paige seemed to recall the previous month’s meeting where proposed changes to the Parish’s Personnel Manual were discussed and both of them voted against contracting out parts of the Parish’s mosquito control program even though the Parish faces the eminent threat of the Zika virus and the expected explosion in the mosquito population due to the recent flooding.  Fortunately, Council members Doug de Graffenried, Rodney Bedgood and Russell Rachal voted in favor of the contract which will provide trapping, testing, larvaciding, tracking of public requests, spraying and educational services parish-wide.

One positive result from the meeting was the Council’s vote to make the Parish the responsible party for debris removal resulting from the flood.  This will prevent the flood debris from eventually being dumped illegally or being abandoned in the Parish’s right-of ways. Debris removal is a reimbursable activity by FEMA which provides a 75%/25% cost share.  The Parish will solicit proposals from qualified companies as required by FEMA and in accordance with federal regulations.

Just  after 9:00 p.m., Parish President Rick Nowlin finally provided his report to the Council, which included confirmation that the Red River Waterway Commission voted at its last meeting to pay for the paving of Hampton Road. Mr. Nowlin estimates that the project will cost approximately $1.3 million dollars.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal received this submission from J.Q. Collectif. The views and opinions expressed are those of writer and not necessarily those of the Natchitoches Parish Journal.

9 thoughts on “Police Jurors Hold Parish Council Hostage

  1. Okay, y’all need to read that again: RED RIVER WATERWAY COMMISSION is going to pave Hampton Road, NOT THE POLICE JURY. RRWC has a vested interest in paving the road, not for residents who live there, but for the public boat launch and recreational facility that they’ve had in place for some time. It is likely that they’ve been planning on paving Hampton Road for months, or maybe years before the last two flooding incidents occurred, since it takes time to consult engineers and contractors for estimates and bids. So, if anyone wants to rant about 1.3 million being spent on Hampton Rd, so that everyone can get to the rec facility and boat launch without getting stuck in a rut, you might want to contact RRWC and not the Police Jury.

  2. And now the Red River Waterway Commission should pave the Red River Levee Rd which starts at the end of Hwy 491near Cloutierville and runs south along the river for appox. 3 miles to the boat launch.

  3. Well throwing a fit and running out of the meeting is not going to get things done.And both need to take notes in each meeting so the will have something to reference and be able to follow up at future meetings. How do you base a vote on something if you don’t remember it being discussed?

  4. The people of Hampton Rd chose to live on that side of the levee. A road on that side of a levee will incur more damage. Should the people of Natchitoches have to pay to have a road repaired that should not exist?

  5. I believe he reported that the Red River Waterway Commission voted to pave Hampton Road (which leads to the RRWC’s public boat launch and recreational area); a benefit to the parish, without depleting the road fund.

  6. And just where does the parish expect to come up with $1.3 MILLION to pave Hampton Road from??? There are roads that are a lot worse than it that need to come before Hampton in my Opinion

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