Is Natchitoches Parish under siege or is it just a Feral Hog removal program?


Air cannons being used to scare off feral hogs on property in Natchitoches Parish


Have you heard that incessant pounding that goes off at all hours of the night at constant intervals?

There has been lots of coverage in the news lately about the plight Louisiana is facing from the explosion in the feral hog population. They create both economic damage and pose a risk to human health. As we are a heavily wooded Parish, we are an ideal habitat for feral hogs because of the abundance of shelter and hiding places for them. The woods are also a strategic point for them to hide until they can take some food from your garden or property. To say the least, feral hogs are a huge nuisance and it is certainly understandable that property owners want to protect their investment by keeping them away.

One method of keeping feral pigs away is the use of a subsonic sound similar to a cannon shot. These subsonic sounds are created with the use of a device to produce the irritating noise at a set interval. Apparently, some Parish landowners have resorted to this tactic.

I’ve been told by a contact at the Courthouse that there have been a lot of complaints made about the noise.  The Parish does have a noise ordinance and I won’t be surprised if the “hog cannons” violate that ordinance.  At what point do landowner’s rights to protect their property supersede another landowner’s right to a good night’s sleep?  Where I live, the pounding is very faint but it is enough to keep me awake at times.  And, as I stare blindly into the darkness, the mantra “unleash the hogs” keeps running through my mind.”

The Natchitoches Parish Journal received this submission.  The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Natchitoches Parish Journal:

NOTE:  Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office 318-357-2214. It might fall under a Parish Noise Ordiance.  This office can provide information.

NSU Nursing students attend AACN summit


Northwestern State University students, Robert Tubbs of Bossier City left, and Ming Thenge of Shreveport, right, attended the annual American Association of Colleges of Nursing Student Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. Tubbs and Thenge are shown with Dr. Deborah Trautman, chief executive officer of the AACN. At the summit, the NSU students met fellow students from around the country and members of Congress and learned about issues impacting nursing

Spring Break begins today

NATCHITOCHES – Northwestern State University will hold its spring break March 25 – April 3. The university will be closed Friday, March 25 for Good Friday. Classes will resume Monday, April 4. Administrative offices will reopen March 28 and remain open during the break.

Watson Library will close Thursday, March 24 at 5 p.m. and remain closed through Sunday, March 27. The library will be open March 28 – 31 from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. to noon on April 1. Watson Library will be closed April 2-3 and resumes regular hours on Monday, April 4.

The Wellness, Recreation and Activity Center will be open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, March 25 and closed on March 26-27. The WRAC will be open from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on March 28 – April 1 and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 2. Regular hours will resume on Sunday, April 3.

CGHRC will host book signing

Loretta's Photo

NATCHITOCHES – Northwestern State University’s Cammie G. Henry Research Center will host a book signing for Natchitoches native Loretta Davis, an author, life coach, motivational speaker, former talk show host and CEO of New Life Publishing Company. Davis has written several books dedicated to encouraging and inspiring others to empower their lives through faith while addressing challenges faced in today’s society and offering pragmatic solutions for success.

The signing will take place at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 19 in the Cammie G. Henry Research Center on the third floor of Watson Library.

Davis conducts seminars nationwide and recently performed as the narrator for the Book of Job at The Artisan Theatre in Euless, Texas. She has appeared several times on Trinity Broadcast Network and Daystar Television and is former host of the TV show “Enjoying the Married Life.” She currently hosts the radio program “Let’s Be Real.”

For more information on the April 19 program, contact Mary Linn Wernet, university archivist, at (318) 357-4585.

Cane River Lake Update – March 25, 2016



The lake is currently at 100.5 MSL. ( 2.5 feet above pool stage ) and falling. Spillway gates are now open. It will be vital that property owners monitor their property closely and adjust boats in boat houses, tied to outside of boathouses, and to trees or other objects on their properties to make sure they are not left dry docked, or stranded on docks, piers, and retaining walls as the water level will drop faster now that the spillway gates are open. Absolutely no boats are allowed on the waterway at this time as any boat wake will cause further damage to property. For this reason we will not start the clean up process until the lake falls below 100.0 MSL to minimize damage to property owners.

Reopening of the lake will be a lengthily process, your cooperation and patience will be greatly appreciated. Visit for daily historic flood level readings. For more information and/or questions contact Betty Fuller 318-617-3235 cell, 318-357-3007 office, 318-379-2878 home.

Police Jurors Hold Parish Council Hostage


Parish Council March 21, 2016

Anyone who attended the Parish Council meeting this past Monday had the great misfortune of sitting through two hours of theatrics and feigned hysteria orchestrated by two Council members who seem incapable of letting go of their Policy Jury mentality.  And, all of this was before the first Agenda item was even discussed! At one point in the meeting, Councilwoman Patsy Ward Hoover began bawling uncontrollably and ran out of the room, causing those in the audience to look at each other in complete disbelief.

The shenanigans continued once the Council finally began to address the Agenda items.  Neither Patsy Ward Hoover nor Chris Paige seemed to recall the previous month’s meeting where proposed changes to the Parish’s Personnel Manual were discussed and both of them voted against contracting out parts of the Parish’s mosquito control program even though the Parish faces the eminent threat of the Zika virus and the expected explosion in the mosquito population due to the recent flooding.  Fortunately, Council members Doug de Graffenried, Rodney Bedgood and Russell Rachal voted in favor of the contract which will provide trapping, testing, larvaciding, tracking of public requests, spraying and educational services parish-wide.

One positive result from the meeting was the Council’s vote to make the Parish the responsible party for debris removal resulting from the flood.  This will prevent the flood debris from eventually being dumped illegally or being abandoned in the Parish’s right-of ways. Debris removal is a reimbursable activity by FEMA which provides a 75%/25% cost share.  The Parish will solicit proposals from qualified companies as required by FEMA and in accordance with federal regulations.

Just  after 9:00 p.m., Parish President Rick Nowlin finally provided his report to the Council, which included confirmation that the Red River Waterway Commission voted at its last meeting to pay for the paving of Hampton Road. Mr. Nowlin estimates that the project will cost approximately $1.3 million dollars.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal received this submission from J.Q. Collectif. The views and opinions expressed are those of writer and not necessarily those of the Natchitoches Parish Journal.

Teachers complete PLTW Launch Core training


Several teachers and teacher candidates participated in an intensive training session for Project Lead the Way Launch, the elementary level for the PLTW curriculum. On the front row from left are Ashley Cox, Brooke Anderson, Michelle Feaster, Tasha Sigler and Adrienne Mayeaux. On the second row are Savannah Cox, Rachel Pratt, Danielle Veuleman and Kacee Rogers. On the third row are Interim Dean of NSU’s School of Business and Technology Dr. Margaret Kilcoyne, PLTW Affiliate Assistant Director Christina Lake and Destiny Ward. On the back row are Dr. Ali Ahmad, head of NSU’s Department of Engineering Technology; Ralph Alvarado, NSU President Dr. Jim Henderson, Assistant Director for PLTW Recruiting Howard Joseph Middleton, Hillary Gray, Affiliate Director Dr. Phil Brown, Stacy Reynolds and Jessie Church.

Natchitoches Parish 9-1-1 Offers Life Saving 9-1-1 Addressing Services..


Natchitoches Parish Communications District

Willis Carter, Director
(318) 238-8301

Natchitoches, LA., March 22, 2016—   A critical service of the Natchitoches Parish 9-1-1 District is the assignment of 9-1-1 addresses for all commercial and residential property. The communications district provides this service in all areas of the parish, which are outside the city limits of Natchitoches. Having an accurate and properly displayed 9-1-1 address on your home or business is crucial to receiving prompt service by Fire, Police, and Emergency Medical Services should you or a loved one experience an emergency.  Your 9-1-1 address is also critical during times of disaster recovery such as the recent flooding that has affected  a wide area of our parish.  In addition to being required for Natchitoches Parish building permits, in most cases utility companies such as electric, water, cable, telephone, etc. requires a valid 9-1-1 address to either install new service, or restore existing services, following a disaster.

Applying for  a 9-1-1 address is an easy, no cost preventative measure that could save your life, or that of a loved one.  Call the Natchitoches Parish 9-1-1 addressing office at 357-8300, or come by 716 Second Street (Arts Center) to apply today. Our normal office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, because our staff is required to leave the office to conduct fieldwork, we recommend that you call ahead for an appointment.

We process applications on the same day of your application; however please expect delays as the result of area flooding, and the increased demands associated with restoration of essential services.

About the Natchitoches Parish Communications District (Natchitoches 9-1-1)Natchitoches Parish 9-1-1 is committed to providing fast, efficient and effective access to emergency public safety services for all the citizens and visitors to Natchitoches Parish. Since 1988 the “District” has served in a pivotal role ensuring the safety of residents and visitors to Natchitoches Parish by providing the support services, which connects the citizens experiencing emergencies with emergency services via the use of one, easy to remember and simple to use 3-digit number, 9-1-1. The Natchitoches Parish 9-1-1 District provides the equipment and systems necessary to receive 9-1-1 calls from the nearly 40,000 residents of the parish, as well as the ever-increasing numbers of visitors to the area. We are proud to serve as “Natchitoches Parish’s Gateway to Public Safety Services”.

Find out more at

Kiwanis 2016 5K Run/Walk & Pancake Breakfast

Pancake Breakfast tickets ONLY: $5
5K Run/Walk: $20 for Children 12 & under
$25 pre-registered adults (by April 11)
$30 after deadline

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Registration includes pancake breakfast ticket, t-shirt for pre-registrants & a discount for a Saturday pass for Jazz & R&B festival

The 5K will start and finish on the Natchitoches Riverbank near the stage. We will have a a live band playing and your pancakes waiting for you at the finish line!

Short Stack Sponsorship $100.00
Print and social media recognition•5 tickets to the pancake breakfast

Silver Dollar Sponsorship $200.00
Recognition on event t-shirt•Radio, print and social media recognition•10 tickets to the pancake breakfast OR 5 tickets and 1 race entry

Grand Slam Sponsorship $300.00+
Recognition on event t-shirt, large logo & top, center placement•Radio, print and social media recognition•15 tickets to the pancake breakfast OR 8 tickets and 2 race entries

All proceeds from this event support Natchitoches Kiwanis programs & projects.

Make Checks payable to: Kiwanis Club of Natchitoches

Mail completed entry forms and fees to:
Kiwanis, 814 Washington St., Natchitoches, LA 71457