10th Judicial District Court, State Bar Association Launch Legal Self-Help Website


The 10th Judicial District Court, in conjunction with the Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA), has launched a brand new self-help website for Natchitoches Parish. The “Online Self-Help Resource Center,” located at 10thjdcselfhelp.com, provides the public with legal information, helpful resources, court forms, and contact information for local agencies that may be able to provide representation or assist with both legal and non-legal issues.

“Addressing the legal needs of low-income families in Natchitoches Parish requires a collaborative effort between our court, the Louisiana State Bar Association, legal aid providers, and other community partners,” said Judges Desiree Dyess and Lala Sylvester of the 10th Judicial District Court. “The website will deliver valuable resources to those in our community unable to afford a lawyer. All of this information is available free of charge, in plain English.”

The Online Self-Help Resource Center provides help with common civil legal issues by offering legal information and forms for domestic matters such as divorce and child custody. However, the website is not designed to address every aspect of the law, nor replace the role of an attorney. In fact, the only legal “advice” contained on the site is that litigants are always better off with an attorney.

The information on the website is also available via mobile devices. Those who need help accessing the website or printing out materials can visit their local library for assistance.


The Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA) assists its more than 21,000 members in the practice of law. The statewide association, as part of its multi-faceted mission, promotes and maintains access to justice initiatives for the state’s residents, assists the Louisiana Supreme Court in its regulation of the practice of law, upholds the honor of the courts and the profession, and supports programs that increase public understanding of and respect for the law.

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