Long family turns to prayer in trying times


It’s amazing what can happen in 30 hours. Yesterday doctors found two tumors in my mom’s brain.  After a petscan today, we can confirm that there are no other tumors in her body and more than likely we are looking at a primary brain tumor.  We are discussing options for a brain biopsy to know what type of tumor this is and the course of treatment that needs to be taken.  We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and healing in the next few weeks.  Mom is in good spirits. I am in Baton Rouge with her and will stay until….

Pam Long Jordan posted this message June 1 at 6:09 p.m. on Facebook to update friends and family members.

33 thoughts on “Long family turns to prayer in trying times

  1. Praying for a positive outcome & speedy recovery Rose. May our Lord & Savior guide your doctor’s hands & wrap you & all of your family in his loving embrace througout this trial!

  2. Hugs, love and prayers for you Mrs. Rose and your family. Prayers for complete healing, a speedy recovery, strength, peace and comfort.

  3. Senator Long and Family,
    My wife and I will keep you in our prayers and best wishes for a positive outcome. May God’s blessings be with you.
    vbljr & wife

  4. Rose and Gerald our prayers are with you’ll and your family. Terry and Lana Touchet, Abbeville La.

  5. Praying for ya’ll. If we had more people like you, our country would be in order. You are a great couple. Always so nice to everyone. Please keep us all posted.

  6. We’re confident that you are accompanied by the very Power of Life, and ask that you emerge from this crisis fully healed. In Jesus’ name.

    Walt Moore

  7. The Long family is in our prayers. Rose and Gerald are strong people. Their faith will guide them through this bump in the road, and everything will be okay. God be with you!

  8. We are so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You are in our prayers and in our thoughts. I so enjoyed spending time with you at the graduation at NSU. Keep the positive thoughts flowing.
    Bill and Rosie Finical

  9. We are praying for Ms Rose and your entire family. God has this and you in his hands. Love y’all

  10. Prayers for her and your family. All things are possible to those that believe 🙌🏾

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