LDWF schedules Saline Lake drawdown for aquatic vegetation control

Saline Lake Drawdown
The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has scheduled a drawdown for vegetation control in Saline Lake in Natchitoches and Winn Parishes, which is scheduled to begin June 14. The control structure will be closed for refill no later than the first week of October.

The lake level will be lowered 8-feet below pool stage. This level is required to achieve sufficient drying for vegetation control.

The action is a necessary component of LDWF’s integrated management plan for control of aquatic vegetation in Saline Lake. Herbicide applications will be conducted during the drawdown in areas accessible with spray equipment.

Although the lake will not be closed to fishing, caution is advised of boaters during the low water period, as boat lanes will not provide normal clearance for underwater obstructions.

For additional information regarding the drawdown, contact Villis Dowden, LDWF Biologist, at vdowden@wlf.la.gov or 357-3214.

One thought on “LDWF schedules Saline Lake drawdown for aquatic vegetation control

  1. Why don’t you thin the trees in the lake so you can get to all the places to spray. I believe if you thin the trees the unwanted vegetation will flow out. And it will be a beautiful lake. My dad passed away in 2016 waiting for someone to do the right thing. He’s fished in that lake since 1935. So please thin the trees so my son and granddaughter can fish here. I have a place at stumps camp, can’t even get my boat in the water. Thank you: Richard

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