Community supports food pantry to replenish depleted supplies



The Cane River Food Pantry distributes supplemental food to over 200 households per month.  An estimated 800 people benefit monthly from the distribution.

Due to increased needs, the pantry ran out of food two weeks ago during its monthly distribution.  Every person received a box of food, but the supplies in the warehouse were depleted.

On that same date, the U.S. Postal Service held their community food drive.  Thanks to the contributions of the community and the U.S. Postal Service, the food pantry is now well-stocked again.

Cane River Food Pantry would not exist without the contributions of time, money, sweat and prayers of the many volunteers in this community; neighbors responding to needs of neighbors.

To find out more about the Cane River Food Pantry call 357-8296 or email the director, Donna Greene, at