Parish Council holds Special Meeting



At a Special Called Meeting for the Natchitoches Parish Council held on June 13, 2016 at 5:00 p.m., the Parish Council adopted four Resolutions related to the creation of two separate Sales Tax Districts that will be voted on by the residents of the Parish in November. Councilwoman Patsy Ward-Hoover was not present for the meeting and Councilman Chris Paige voted against all four Resolutions. Councilman Rodney Bedgood reiterated that he was respecting the wishes of the voters of his District and was voting for the Resolutions so that they could have a say in whether or not they were taxed. All four Resolutions passed with a vote of 3 for and 1 against. The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

3 thoughts on “Parish Council holds Special Meeting

  1. Yes Billy bob and Matt F., you might be kin to me. I agree the roads are real bad. However, voters have spoken and now it it time to ante up. If we want to ride a little smoother, we will need to fund the council.
    There are so many accusations, the funding or front street river bank is being paid for by City funds, and mostly by the Cane River Waterway, they saw that as affecting Cane River more than paying their money on rural roads.
    The Council asked for help from Cane River funds. They are getting lot of help from Louisiana, FEMA, and Nick Verette even got more than our fair share of recycled blacktop from the State, due to his past connections. He is a road engineer. He posts the daily activities and where the work is done and to be done weekly. It is NOT on anyones personal driveway or road. That is a big difference. The former road maintence man did oversee a spot of changing bad black top- back to gravel, and I travel it weekly in Oak Grove, it has become corduroy as all gravel does, but grading brings it back. So the money is not spent IN the City Limits, In fact that Point place was overlaid by City of Natchitches to serve some folks there in Oak Grove, who were also flooded. I know many folks were flooded, like Elaine at Derry, so as her house was impacted so were our roads. It takes time for her to get in a trailer as well as roads fixed.
    So, rant and rave as we will, until we fund roads we will not have them. Either way, the Council wins, if we do not vote some kind of tax, the roads will just stay as they are. If we do fund with a tax, we will get roads, and which is the better way? sonny

  2. Yep ! you are exactly right,all they worry about is there precious Front Street and there money making Christmas Festival.They will not spend any money on the rural areas and especially the roads.
    I hate driving these roads and swerving to miss pot holes.I have been through tires and allignments because of the roads.

  3. The council members are the negative Parish police jury or whatever it is called now. Must really think the voters are stupid they want us to vote for more taxes for the have more money to spend in the city and not in the rural areas. I personally think that it is time to get rid of everyone that is on the council and get new members. That will try to fix the roads in the rural areas. Sincerely stevejordan

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