UPDATE: Natchitoches Police investigate Texas Street shooting

No charges will be filed at this time and there will be no further press releases or information disseminated until the District Attorney’s Office has the opportunity to review the case.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Natchitoches Police investigate Texas Street shooting

  1. I am saddened at yet another young person slain. My prayers are that both families are comforted at this tragedy an that somewhere hope will reign again. As a parent of 2 young black males, I ask myself when did we as a Community, Americans,an Parents get to this point? Did it begin with prayers being snatched out of schools? Did it begin with no consistent discipline in the home? I don’t know when it started, but I know it has to stop. I am not blaming parents. Its too late for the blame game. I do know PRAYER is the only way to solve this. Plain an simple. I am asking everyone who reads this to gather your children an families together an commence in prayer daily. School is approaching. Set a routine every morning an every night to pray. Parents know where an what your kids are doing. I could go on an on about whose wrong an what was done, but I’m only here to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

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