Local barbers help kids get ready for school

Barber 6
Project Give Back: Getting Them Ready is a free back-to-school haircut program for Natchitoches Parish Boys that are deemed underprivileged. Students are randomly selected by recommendations from church, school officials, public housing authorities and social service agencies. School Board President Ralph Wilson coordinated the project with the help of two social work majors from Northwestern State University and Grambling.

Barbers Sylvester Moss, Trumaine Walker and Marcus Addison cut hair Aug. 8 at Silhouette Barber and Beauty Salon. The barbers agreed that the hair cut program is a way for them to give back to the community.

Addison, from Campti, is the newest barber in the shop. Walker, from Natchitoches, started cutting hair when he was 12. Two of his cousins always cut his hair, it eventually caught his attention and he’s stuck with it ever since. Moss, from Campti, started cutting hair in 2004. He developed an interest over time as he sat in his barber’s chair.

This is the third year the barbers have participated in the program and they’re looking forward to many more.