Flooding in South stalls bidding for Cane River Pump Project



Photo: AP

Bidding for the Cane River Pump Station Project has been postponed due to the flooding in South Louisiana. The pump station is the last stage in a larger project to transfer water from the Red River to Cane River Lake.

“We were under bid when the flooding occurred,” said Cane River Patrol Officer Betty Fuller. “My heart goes out to everyone.”

The unique filtration system required for the pump station limits the choice of contractors, which are all found in the Southern regions of the state. Once the floodwaters go down, the project will go out for rebid, but Fuller said it’s hard to put a date on this.

The last piece to the puzzle, the construction of an intake into the Hampton area, will be delayed as well because it’s affected by the levels of the Red River.

“We have no control over this flooding, but it’s playing a big part in this project,” she said.