Community gives St. Michael visor clips to officers

Visor Pins

A small gesture can go a long way and residents in the Natchitoches community are showing their appreciation by giving St. Michael visor clips to law enforcement officers.
St. Michael the Archangel is the Patron Saint of police officers. He is described in scriptures as a warrior angel who battles the devil.

Father Blake Deshautelle from Immaculate Conception blessed the visor clips Aug. 22 and Larry Paige presented them to Police Chief Mickey Dove and some of his officers Aug. 23.
Paige ordered 55 clips for the NPD, including the motorcycles. He’s also ordered 70 for the Sheriff’s Office and plans to continue collecting money until the City Marshal, NSU Police, EMTs, patrol units in outlying areas and firefighters have the protection of St. Michael as well.

“This is a way for us to give back and show our support for you guys that are out in the trenches every day,” said Paige.

He asks that anyone interested in contributing to the project call him at 318-792-1660 or 318-352-6433. The medals are $9 each. Checks should be made out to: Mary’s Heart Catholic Gifts. This is where Paige is ordering the medals from.

Gift shop owner Tinsley Ducote reached out to Paige to help spread Project Honor: Our Heroes Campaign from Rapides to Natchitoches Parish.

“This hit a nerve in me,” he said. “We needed to do something about it. Without you (law enforcement officers) it’d be total chaos in the world.”

Appreciative of the community’s gesture Chief Dove said, “This outpouring of support is overwhelming.”

Giving a St. Michael devotional item to someone who works in law enforcement helps bring them peace and comfort in the knowledge that they have a warrior by their side. A prayer is also said to shield law enforcement against the many dangers they face.