A Secret Plan to Save America

By Joe Darby

I’ve been doing my best to ignore the presidential race. As I’ve written previously, it’s pretty clear that we have nominated the two worst candidates for president in the history of our country.

But Mary and I were eating at a restaurant Tuesday night that had CNN on television and all of the talk was about the race. So, as much as I would like, it’s not something I can ignore all the time. So I decided to write another political column.

Almost every week there are new reasons to not vote for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump.
New allegations surface almost daily about Hilary’s email scandal, showing that both her veracity and her good character are almost non-existent. Just this week, it was revealed that one of her aides had coached one of the Democratic senators with soft ball questions to feed her during the hearings on Libya some time back. That tells a lot about character doesn’t it?

And what can we say about “The Donald” that hasn’t been said before? Well, there was one thing that came up a few weeks back that just about stunned me. In an interview he said that since we have nuclear weapons, we should use them. What’s the use of having nukes if we’re not going to use them, the good man wanted to know.

Does he not know what affect using a nuclear bomb would have on this planet, both environmentally and politically? What kind of sensibility, or lack of it, must this man have to even suggest such a thing?

Of course, we have the Libertarian Party and Mary is thinking of voting for the Libertarian candidate. I tell her that, it’s good to stick to principles, but that in fact she would be wasting her vote, because that party does not really have a chance.

So, what are we to do?

Well, here’s my secret plan, although after this column is posted, I suppose it won’t be secret any more.

I’d like to see all the good, sensible Republican and Democratic members of Congress have a secret meeting and vow that no matter who wins the election, they will immediately impeach the president. It should be no difficult matter to find high crimes and misdemeanors of which Clinton and Trump are guilty, as called for in the Constitution.
Surely, with all their shenanigans, Congress could find crimes to meet the standards of impeachment.

Then, once Hilary or Donald, as the case may be, are kicked out of office, the vice president would take over. Now I’ll admit that I don’t know a whole lot about Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia or Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. But, gosh almighty, either one of those gentlemen would be so much better than the two No. 1’s on the tickets.

Heck, you or I would be better than them. As long as we’re sane and relatively honest, we could be a better president.

So, there’s my plan. You may take this idea as being tongue in cheek. Or should we really start a phone-in campaign to our Congress members to be brave and save the country?