Pup gets fresh start and new home after complete makeover

For this precious pup, now named Mister Beau Coup, life was anything but calm. He spent a long time alone on the streets. When he was captured, over half of his body was a solid black mass of matted hair and sores from the hair pulling. This boy lived in pain and fear.

At the shelter he cowered in the corner. The wonderful shelter personnel did what they could and one day June Bug, as he was known at the shelter, captured the heart of an Natchitoches Humane Society member. The NHS dug in their heels and set a plan in motion to right this terrible wrong. They had him vetted, groomed and spent time giving him the affection he was lacking.

He eventually caught the eye of Maurice Morelock. Dr. Morelock showed him the love he had been missing. Now Mister Beau Coup follows him around from room to room barely taking his eyes off of him.
The NHS wishes them happy days cruising down Cane River on a boat and lazy days sitting on their porch watching nature on the river.