Can you run a water system if the main office has no power?


Cliff Hart, a customer of the Robeline-Marthaville Water System, submitted a photo of the utility meter at the Water Office in Robeline. Hart visited with office staff, who were sitting in the dark. The NPJ exhausted all of its resources trying to get an explanation for the power shut-off, but no one was reachable or willing to go on the record.

The NPJ has also been informed to expect more board member resignations, but no official letters have been tendered at the time of publication.

6 thoughts on “Can you run a water system if the main office has no power?

  1. I am expecting a rate increase also. This problem would not have happened if someone had been monitoring the finances. I would like to know where the funds went due to the fact they were not spent on the upkeep of equipment or safe drinking water. What do the customers think about the money shortage at ROBELINE-MARTHAVILLE WATER office???

  2. one would think with money missing from the emergency funds and
    our high water bills,they could surely pay the electric bill.

  3. During the meeting Monday night not one word was mentioned about the electricity being behind on payments. They made sure and let us know any repairs or improvements would likely mean another rate increase though! This was Monday, you know Swepco had already provided a disconnect notice at that point!!!

  4. I think Robeline Marthaville water office needs to be closed anyway. When are the officials going to close down that money pot office this year hopefully. This is the highest rate in the parish and the water smells like sewage. Customers keep putting pressure on the people that are trying to solve this problem so it will be done this year.

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