Discover Your Roots at the Parish Library

In celebration of Black History Month, the Natchitoches Parish Library will host “Discover Your Roots” with Elvin L. Shields, President of the Natchitoches Genealogical and Historical Association (NGHA). Mr. Shields will share his wealth of knowledge regarding local historical records and methods of genealogical research at the NPL Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 6 pm.

Mr. Shields will discuss African-American genealogy from slavery to the present, especially as it relates to the local area. He will also present many techniques to discover your own roots via the many resources available at Natchitoches’ Genealogical Library and the NPL. Mr. Shields will be sharing several historic documents from the Genealogy Library, located at 600 2nd Street; in many cases, these are original documents only available at this location. He will also have on display his folk art, depicting an eighteenth-century slave logger’s camp and the final exodus of African-American sharecroppers due to the complete mechanization of farm labor in the 1970s.

Mr. Shields is a retired Professional Mechanical Engineer since 2011 and the 27th President of NGHA since 2016. He was born on Melrose Plantation in 1948 and moved to Oakland Plantation in Bermuda, Louisiana in 1954 where he lived until 1962 as a child of sharecroppers.

The NPL encourages everyone to not miss this opportunity to discover your roots, and hear a first-hand account of Natchitoches’ own unique history. For more information, or for questions regarding this program, you may call Martha Uchino, the NPL’s Adult Programmer, at 318-238-9246. No registration is required for this program.