NCHS Coach arrested


The Natchitoches Police Department received a complaint at approximately 6:00 p.m. on Monday November 6, 2017 in reference to an incident that occurred on Friday November 3, 2017 at Turpin Stadium. An interaction between a Natchitoches Central Coach and a Natchitoches Central football player became confrontational according to the complainant. The 17 year old football player advised that Coach Daughtery grabbed his helmet eventually pulling it off then moments later began to pull him to the locker room by his jersey. An investigation was completed by Natchitoches Police Department Detectives and John Daughtery was subsequently charged with simple battery and issued a summons to appear in City Court in December.

Approved for release by Chief Dove Date: 11/08/17

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  1. Looks like he don’t like black people this man always been. An evil coach fire him or we will have all blacks to boy city nchs games.

  2. Make an example out of these teachers and coaches. Cause if it was the other way around. They would of had the young man arrested. LP Vaughn School has some teachers and coaches, that need this same treatment.

  3. Misinformed, the name suits you! Cat’s comment wasn’t racist, yours is! It doesn’t take a “race” to want to be either pro or rapper. Anyway, the staff should not lay their hands on the students unless they are the designated paddler! And students, y’all need to get a grip on reality and respect your authority figures, learn something so you can BE something one day!

  4. Sounds about the norm for when I grew up. Kids are such pusses these days. Can’t handle it maybe he should try out for the flag squad.

  5. I. Read All The comments But.To All The Hater Don’t Hate Upon The Young Man Stand By Him Encourage Him If It Was Your Son What Would You Do?

    • Are you serious? Pulling off a players helmet and pulling him by the jersey is battery? This kid is playing a contact sport and this is battery? SON YOU NEED TAKE BAND! Another principal in the parish batters two or more stidents, leaving bruises, assults his math teacher, knocking him unconscious and knocking out his teeth and that is simple battery?

  6. Bottom line is that man should have never put his hands on that child. He is an adult and a teacher that should know how to control his anger.

  7. I worked as a substitute teacher at NCHS for several years & during that time I never put my hands on a student. The students are rude, disobedient & disrespectful towards authority figure. But if you, as an adult, can’t control your behavior toward them you need to find a different occupation.

    • I imagine it would be hard teaching today,kids have no respect or manners
      and they learn their behavior at home and parents expect the teachers to
      discipline and babysit.
      If the parents did better at home and paid more attention to the kids there
      wouldn’t be so many issues at school.

    • a 17 can go to jail as a adult . but children need to be good at any school. and if not they need to stay home . teacher these day in any school cant control bad kids and , when anyone at school teacher or children see a bad kid do something it need to be address, and a bad kid needs to be at home not at school hurt another person. let the bad kid mom or dad put up with the bad kid, home is where a bad kid needs to be, if at home maybe mom or dad will get up and do something to make this bad kid , good. or if not miss work , why should a school have to deal with a bad kid, and right a teacher shouldn’t have to put his hand on any child, but again we got some bad kid out there, and someone got to take control. before someone gets hurt bad

  8. Had coach Garrett yell at me like a dog shake my face mask then put his arm around my pads walk a few yards and explain what I should have done in a soft tone. Got my attention made me a better player. RIP coach!

  9. Our old coach wiped the butt with his lanyard–would have been put in jail in todays sissy world–social engineering at work these days–

  10. I love the pic of the mean coach. It looks like a UFC headshot or something. I’m surprised there isn’t a picture of the kid when he was 13 dressed in confirmation robes right next to it.

  11. You’re in the wrong profession if you don’t know how to handle or talk to kids the right way.NCHS has a lot of arrogant and rude people that work there.

  12. I think its funny how coaches and especially at the HS level,think that they are god ! they can do what they want to be little the player,hit the player.Most the time a assistant coach was never any good at sports when he was young and takes it out on kids.
    I hope this kids father finds you alone or you lose your job.

    • Wow…such a profound observation from someone who obviously flunked English. If you actually knew anything about the situation you’d know that this wasn’t the case. Shut your yap about things which you know nothing, which appears to be a lot.

  13. Over the course of my teaching career and the years my own children were active in sports, I saw coaches behave in such a way that I would have been fired had I portrayed such behavior on a student in my classroom. It seems as though some coaches felt if they were not in a classroom setting it was ok to talk and behave as they pleased.

  14. This kid doesn’t need to play sports . Give me a break . If the kid can’t handle this little bit of nothing he needs to get in band or some club

    • He would not have survived band at Airline High School when I was there Dr Peterson was the director and after he retired he ran the youth challenge at Camp Beauregard and he did not play. I did both and band may have been tougher than football but I had a neck adjustment or two by the line coach to get my attention.

  15. As a Coach, I have never put my hands on a kid nor was I ever in a position to even want to. I dont think there should ever be a time where a coach does this. No Place for this in the game. I was coached my Coach James Oliphant, J.D. Garrett, Mile Czieslak and never seen them do it. I wonder what will become of this, hmmmmmm

    • You were a coach and never wanted to ring some snot nosed kid’s neck because all they did was whine? Wow….Jesus incarnate. And although you “never seen them do it” (nice English), doesn’t mean they didn’t. And correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t one of those coaches have a player pass away from heat exhaustion because they didn’t get a water break? Hop off your soap box pal.

    • I loved Coach Oliphant and Coach Garrett. Unfortunately I had some really awful coaches at NCHS in late 70’s. I don’t even have to say their names, any one from that time will know instantly who they were, especially one of them. What a horrible human being he was.

  16. I remember back in 74 or 75 playing football at NCHS. We had a coach, Mike Poole. He hauled off and kicked me for not making a play or something. I remember back then coaches, including Brunning, which condoned things that you diffinately could not do today. They could be charged with. I disliked him from that day forward.

  17. I certainly do not condone an adult, especially a School Teacher, abusing a student. It will be determined if this was abuse or just discipline carried too far.

    Years ago I thought I may be helpful as a Substitute Teacher on my days off as an offshore Production Supervisor.

    After a number of sessions with elementary students I was shocked at the way these little students acted in my classroom; however, I know that they would not be on their best behavior as I was only there temporarily.

    My “career” as a Substitute Teacher came to an end when I had to have a Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputy remove A FIRST GRADER from my classroom.

    I was a bit surprised when I was introduced to him the morning I arrived at the Principal’s office, and he told me to page him if necessary….My thoughts were…doesn’t he realize I have a FIRST GRADE CLASS???

    Well I had to Page the Deputy for one FIRST GRADE STUDENT….

    I called the School Board Office the next morning and had them take my name off the Substitute Teacher List…

    I am not a wealthy person but a law suit could have taken every thing that I owned had I not buzzed the Deputy for A FIRST GRADER who stood before me with his fists clinched and HATE in his eyes, and defied me to touch him.

    Where do children get this? I think you know the answer.

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