Natchitoches SWCD accepting applications for Feral Hog Aerial Gunning

Hog Aerial Gunning

The Natchitoches SWCD will accept applications for its Feral Hog Damage Control Program through Dec. 20. The Feral Hog program is to assist landowners with the control of feral hog populations and the associated damages within the Red River Valley area of Natchitoches Parish. The Natchitoches SWCD encourages you to enroll and recommends that you contact your adjoining landowners to also get them enrolled in the Feral Hog Program because this facilitates the control of the hogs in your area.

The Districts Feral Hog Control Program cost to landowners this year is $0.60 per acre for enrolled acres with a minimum of $100 for tracts smaller than 167 acres in size. This will include helicopter aerial gunning by USDA APHIS Wildlife Service in February or March 2017 and the use of Natchitoches SWCD state of the art remote operated cellular trapping systems throughout the year (based on availability). This will also include assistance from the APHIS Wildlife trapper to further reduce hog damage.

Landowners will need to call the Natchitoches SWCD Office to schedule an appointment with Mr. Benny Dobson or J.D. Cox to sign up for the program. The Natchitoches SWCD removed 640 feral hogs in the February 2017 by aerial gunning program and 785 by trapping from January 1 to October 27, 2017 in the cooperative program area for a total of 1,425 hogs removed. The Natchitoches SWCD has removed a TOTAL 3,819 feral hogs over the past 4 years of the program.

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