Meet Natchitoches’ new fire chief: Kenny Penrod

Kenny Penrod

Mayor Lee Posey announced his choice to fill Chief Crit Miller’s position when he retires in January. Natchitoches native Kenny Penrod will officially be installed as the new chief for the Natchitoches Fire Department at a City Council meeting Jan. 22.

Miller announced his retirement at a past Council meeting and the search began. He will continue to serve as chief as they go through the transition until the swearing in ceremony is held on Jan. 22.

Several applicants passed the civil service exam and HR Director Edd Lee said they were looking to hire from within.

Penrod has worked at the Fire Department for 20 years, through three administrations. He’s excited about his new position and welcomes the challenge.

“I appreciate the confidence the mayor has put in me and I intend to hit the ground running,” he said. “I want to do the best I can for the citizens of Natchitoches.”



6 thoughts on “Meet Natchitoches’ new fire chief: Kenny Penrod

  1. Always nice to hire from within, but we also deserve a thorough search. I’ve been told there was at least one candidate with prior experience as a fire chief and another that scored a 94 on the exam, but interviews weren’t even held. Congrats

  2. They couldn’t have not better choice than Kenny. I have known him since he was a young boy, him and my boys would play together at his babysitter’s(my mother-in-law). He will be a good worker and make Natchitoches proud to have him. Good Luck Kenny.

  3. I have known Chief Miller since 2000. He will be missed. Hope he hangs around and stays active in the community in some capacity.

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