City welcomes public input on naming of new Sports and Recreation Complex

Sports Park_0467

The renderings for the new $10 million Natchitoches Sports and Recreation Park project are on display in the Mayor’s Office at City Hall, located at 700 Second Street until Jan. 22.

The City is considering naming the sports and recreation complex: Parc Natchitoches. The public is invited to stop by and view the renderings as well as submit possible naming ideas for the park. Any input needs to be directed to the City before Jan. 22, which is when the final name will be submitted to the design team.


7 thoughts on “City welcomes public input on naming of new Sports and Recreation Complex

  1. I have no comment on whether we should have a sports complex, but if we do, I propose it be named after Joe Sampite. I think he did wonderful things to promote Natchitoches and really was a servant of the people.

  2. The new park will be located at 4515 University Parkway (LA Highway 6). This is between Dark Woods and Lime Kiln Road. The main entrance to the park will be directly across from Fountain of Life UPC Church.

  3. I hope they plan on building more hotels cause they won’t have nearly enough if they have tournaments every weekend which they could As far as a name I would not name it Parc not for sure on a name. The question I have is who is going to receive all the money that it generates also a good idea so that charities could participate would be allow them to run the gate and split the money Let the community be involved instead of one person benefiting from the cash flow. As well as the consession stands allow charities to run them rotate them just a thought ! Another thought is put some pool tables there to lol

  4. enjoy getting to the 10 million dollar baseball field on crappy roads ,
    The local government seems willing to build new things but not fix the old but who knows might get new road leading to stupid complex.

  5. Just wondering where this new $10 million sports and recreation complex will be located. I know I’ve heard before, but I would think the location should be a part of this article. I am wondering if it will be in a location that makes it easily accessible to all the people of Natchitoches. As for the name? Why not simply name it “Natchitoches Sports and Recreation Park.” Let’s don’t go with a spelling of Parc, our children have difficult time with knowing how to spell already. I’m for keeping it simple, since the $10 million is the confusing part of this, as we found out late last year.

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