School Board extends Superintendent’s contract


It was a close call but the Natchitoches Parish School Board approved Superintendent Dale Skinner’s 2-year contract extension at its meeting Thursday night, Feb. 8.

Board member Tommy Melder thanked Skinner for all the hard work he’s done for the school district over the years.

Melder: Yes
Metoyer: No
Harris: No
Daniels: Yes
Willis: No
Guidroz: Yes
Hilton: Yes
Wilson: No
Danzy: Yes
Graham: No
Garner: Yes

The good and the bad have been brought before the board. Many good things have happened in Natchitoches Parish in the past three years, according to the administration at the central office.

During the 2014-15 school year:

Out of 75 districts only eight grew more than Natchitoches, which grew 4.2 points

Out of 69 school districts only eight grew in graduation rate more than Natchitoches, which grew 8 points

6th in the state for increasing opportunities for students with disabilities, growing 17.8 points

7th in the state for increasing opportunities for African American students, growing 12.1 points

8th in the state for increasing opportunities for economically disadvantaged students

During the 2015-16 school year:

Parish among top 10 districts in the state for ACT gains

Graduation rate improved 14 points in last two years

Improved from a ‘C’ to a ‘B’ district when 2015-16 state scores were released

72% of the 2016 graduates earned either NSU dual enrollment credit or an industry-based credential, an increase from 67% in 2015

ACT growth during the 13-14 and 15-16 school years from 17.4 to 18.2. Only 41% of students were scoring 18 or above on the ACT in 13-14, but this grew to 50% over the next two years

During the 2016-17 school year:

NPSB grew 0.6 points in its first year of computer testing and maintained the letter grade ‘B.’ Over half of the districts who computer tested last year dropped, most of them significantly, in their District Performance Score. Natchitoches Parish was unable to computer test last year due to flooding. NPSB current DPS is 88.8, two points higher than the state average of 86.8

Since 2015, NPSB has grown in all nine indicators measured by the state: Annual DPS, Assessment Index Grades 308, Dropout Credit Accumulation Index, Assessment Index for End-of-Course Exams, Assessment Index for ACT, Strength of Diploma, Cohort Graduation Rate Index, Cohort Graduation Rate, and Progress Points. NPSB is currently abovee the state average in six out of nine indicators.(SEE MORE INFO IN DOCUMENTS BELOW)

While the school district has improved under Skinner’s leadership, there are some who were against the idea of extending his contract.

Steven Murray, a rep for the northern region of the Louisiana Association of Educators, read a letter that was written by a former NPSB employee who likened her working relationship with Skinner to the bullying students sometimes face amongst their peers. (SEE LETTER BELOW)

At Tuesday’s committee meeting Earnestine Winslow, President of the Natchitoches Association of Educators spoke to the board regarding the contract extension. (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW)

Skinner said he would be more than happy to discuss any of these issues with the people who have concerns. And as always, he considers what’s best for the children of Natchitoches Parish above all else.

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12 thoughts on “School Board extends Superintendent’s contract

  1. So much to comment on. I’m proud of parents for speaking out regardless of outcome. This demonstrates that the board, like our teachers, are under the accountability microscope. Also how many central office personnel live outside the Parish and therefore can easily become detached from our community values and priorities?? Since our NPSB president thinks the agendas are published by Natchitoches Parish Journal 24 hours ahead of meetings, let’s hold them to that. NPJ will you publish NPSB agendas 24 hrs in advance so parents, teachers, and students can become more informed?

  2. It’s so much easier for the school board to renew Mr. Bully’s contract than find a replacement. Shame on you people who voted yes. Are the people of Natchitoches Parish ever going to realize you don’t have to keep electing the same failures?

  3. Bad news! Natchitoches Parish Schools need new leadership. The school system is disgraceful. Why not turn to NSU for advice and assistance???

  4. It all lies in perspective. Last night Mr. Skinner informed all present at the meeting that the restructuring of the schools here was a court order because our schools are failing. Then, not 30 minutes later, he is extended in contract. The professional environment I come from holds folks accountable for shortcomings, such was not what I witnessed last night.

    I thought the Superintendent was responsible for the tone of our educational output in our parish. That if we are failing to achieve outcomes the responsibility lies on the Superintendent to collaborate, recommend, and implement policy that will improve the outcome of our educational system on the whole. Instead a court ordered change. If echelons above me had to intervene to tell me how to fix my department I would be fired, as would a large majority of people when it comes to their professional lives.

  5. Did I miss the report on whether or not he got the raise he demanded? Please tell me he didn’t. Why should administrators get pay raises when teachers don’t? Oh, I forgot. Same at Northwestern, too.

  6. Ignorance abounds. Teachers are why our schools have made progress. This superintendent does nothing but bully and belittle the poor teachers. Board members need to go into our schools and be more active. Shame, shame! Another two years of misery…

  7. I applaud the NPSB for extending Mr. Skinner’s contract. I know first hand of his desire to have the best system in place for students. He was my principal when I taught in another parish. Mr. Skinner’s experience and leadership is invaluable to Natchitoches Parish. Few people have his “let’s get this done” attitude” that has proven to be successful.

  8. sad……this man doesn’t deserve an extension or raise
    all you have to do is google his name and crazy stuff he
    has done,using a private call list to cold call ?

  9. Let’s just be honest here. If it weren’t for the E Lab and Middle Lab, the Parish schools would be a disaster. They single handedly keep the whole Parish floating. The rest of the schools are a dumpster fire. Skinner hasn’t done anything except for for making 50 phone calls to parents every time it snows. Plus side is that now we don’t have to listen to his ignorant voice.

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