James Rex “Kip” Fair Jr.: The man, the myth, the legend


After numerous phones calls from concerned citizens, the NPJ decided to look into some questionable filings pertaining to James Rex “Kip” Fair, Jr., who passed away Jan. 7, 2018. The calls the NPJ received raised questions of negligence on the part of the Fair Law Firm and how many people it’s affected, those known and those yet unknown.

A hearing will be held Monday, Feb. 26 at 1 pm (today) in the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse regarding a Petition for Damages, filed Feb. 1, 2018, titled: Delta Bank versus James Rex Fair Jr., APLC et al.

The defendants include the Fair Law Firm (APLC), the Estate of James Rex Fair Jr., Continental Casualty Company, and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company (APLC and Fair were authorized title insurance agents for Commonwealth).

According to the filing, Delta Bank retained the Fair Law Firm to perform a real estate closing consisting of an acquisition of a Burger King in St. Francisville and the refinancing of an existing Burger King in Baton Rouge.

On Nov. 20, 2017, $2 million was wired to Fair’s Client Trust account. On Nov. 29 a cash deed was executed to transfer the property in St. Francisville.

As the closing party, the Fair Law Firm had a duty to collect and safe keep the funds, but when lawyers were appointed to inventory the firm’s files, Delta Bank was informed the funds weren’t in the bank account they’d been wired to. Allegedly, evidence exists that the funds were transferred to an outside party.

The suit claims Fair was negligent on the following:

Failing to protect Delta Bank funds

Failing to deliver funds to proper party

Allowing funds to be delivered to parties not involved in transaction

Delta Bank also paid for a closing protection letter through Commonwealth, but claims it is entitled to indemnification because it never received said letter.

The Fair Law Firm had a Lawyers Proffessional Liability Policy through Continental, which requires said company to compensate Delta Bank for its losses.

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A Petition for Damages filed on Feb. 16, 2018 involves TTT Properties versus Continental Casualty Company and James Rex Fair Jr., APLC. TTT Properties is represented by its Manager, Taylor Townsend.

Because a succession for Fair’s Estate hasn’t been opened, nor has a succession representative been appointed, APLC is unable to pay debts owed. Because of this, TTT Properties has a right of direct action against Continental.

On Feb. 20, 2015, TTT Properties hired the Fair Law Firm to perform all legal work to perfect a sale of a certain piece of immovable property from Fair Properties LLC to TTT Properties. Unbeknownst to TTT Properties, there was a second mortgage on the property in favor of Adolph Sklar Jr. and Ann Weaver Sklar dated July 31, 2013.

The filing alleges that Fair failed to obtain partial release of the mortgage executed by Fair Properties LLC from the Sklars. TTT Properties alleges that failure to properly perform the closing of this transaction has caused and will continue to cause damages and losses as it pertains to the ownership of said property.

Also, Continental is compelled to compensate TTT Properties for the losses it has suffered.

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The Sklars filed for Executroy Process against Fair Properties LLC, et al, which was refiled March 23, 2017 to amend the original petition, titling it Supplemental and Amending Petition to Enforce Mortgage on Real Estate via Ordinaria.

The Sklars are asking for $4 million with unpaid and accrued interest of $3.3 million, a 1% keepers fee on any amount foreclosed upon, 18% interest from Feb. 1, 2017, reasonable attorney fees, a late payment of 5% on the amount due, and all costs of proceedings.



Another petition for Suit and Damages is titled: Ramson Edgar Cason, Et Ux versus The Unopened Succession of James Rex Fair Jr. This filing alleges that Fair, and now his unopened succession, is indebted to petitioners for $1 million and 10% per annum interest from Jan. 25, 2017. After Jan. 18, 2018, interest increases to 18% thereafter until paid. The suit also includes reasonable attorney fees and all costs of collection.


These suits, filled with allegations of negligence, misconduct and mysterious circumstances will continue to reveal themselves in court.


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12 thoughts on “James Rex “Kip” Fair Jr.: The man, the myth, the legend

  1. The title of the article about Kip Fair was misleading. The context of “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” is used to indicate trobute is being made to someone, especially the recently deceased. The reader is lured into reading a left hook litany of disparaging lawsuits. Don’t care for the tabloid tactic.

    • Something like this makes me more afraid of dying that meeting my maker. Media – the ruins of our nation.

    • This entire article reads to me like a smear campaign against Kip Fair. I have never seen things like this printed in a legitimate news article when there have been no rulings on any of the cases mentioned. Until there is, don’t you think you should keep out of this. Why Kip Fair? News is supposed to fair and impartial, not like the National Enquirer. I found the last comment to be interesting, “These suits, filled with allegations of negligence, misconduct and mysterious circumstances will continue to reveal themselves in court.” Until they are, there should be nothing printed, especially when the one being accused is not here to defend anything written about him. Also, did you ever stop to think what this would do to his innocent wife and children. They have to bear the brunt of this article with many of the people they know in this town. Sorry, NPJ, you are so very wrong in writing this article of unproven allegations.

  2. I know the best lawyer in the world, his name is Jesus the Christ, the son of the Living God, the reviewer of all secret thing, the one that gives a man the chance to get things right, and repent from all sin. I don’t care what you all are saying God is the one that is allowing all things, to give you and I a chance to get things right with him.

  3. Don’t personally know Mr. Fair. But Know the Sklar’s, and all they have ever been known for is obtaining large sums of property off the poor, an get richer. An yes, I know this to be true, cause it has happen in my community regularly . Now that the old man Sklar is dead, I guess the wife an son have taken over an started dealing unjust. But the good Lord sits high an he looks low, an he sees all the evil doers. It’s okay to have money, but having too much just brings more problems. They should take some of that money an feed the poor, maybe even fix the roads. How can you be some of the richest people in the world, but yet have nothing?!

    • Who’s doing the judging here? You admit you didn’t know Kip you can’t talk about him! No respect to that family that’s worked for everything they have. But yet you judge them. Not even have the guts to post your name.How many roads have you fixed? How many homeless ppl have you put up? Lol

      • Mcasey, first of all can you read or comprehend? Nowhere on here did I say anything about Kip! I am referring to the Sklar’s. I am not judging anyone, what I am stating is the Truth. I haven’t fixed any roads, but as far as the homeless I am actually taking care of 3 kids who didn’t have anyone to take care of them. I can say or talk or speak on any topic that is posted. An if what I posted isn’t appropriate the editors will remove it, I am most certain of that. People it’s always important to read. Also, whatever is done in the dark will come to the light. There’s more undercover an scheming going on. I for one am not surprised about this, an neither will I be surprised by the outcome. Respect is Earned!

    • Why would you say that? Because the wolves come out when the wealthy die, or because all the wonderful remarks about him after his death were not true? It just seems strange to me that I heard nothing like this before his death, but now that he is not here to defend himself, some people got some things to say. Seems to happen a lot when a public figure or wealthy person dies. Just sayin’

    • Maybe everything coming out about his wrong doings and his death at the same time aren’t a coincidence.. have you ever thought of that? None of this is slander. You can find this AND more if you read the legal news. Just saying

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