Company demos old motel, switches gears to repurpose property

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A few readers asked the NPJ about the status of the Motel Louisianne property on Hwy. 1 South. NPJ reached out to property owner Rhodes Properties and Development LLC, who initially purchased the Motel with the intentions of remodeling it into all-inclusive efficiency apartments for NSU students. According to Justin Rhodes, as they gutted the property and began design for renovation, there was too much work needed on the existing structure. It became evident that saving the structure was not cost effective.

They switched gears to demo the structure completely and repurpose the project as mixed use commercial and are currently in meetings with their design team about best options for the property. Justin said they are looking forward to revitalizing the property as it is such a prominent commercial location and gateway into Natchitoches.

20 thoughts on “Company demos old motel, switches gears to repurpose property

  1. Too many eating places here now for everyone to make good money. Population is too small to support them all. Someone will say if we had this I would eat there everyday! No you wouldn’t 1 time a week if that. Just look at Hardies and the new chicken place good food at both,but the newness is gone and the business has fallen off. I think it’s going to be hard to find any new retail there just not enough space.

  2. Understand an “outside exclusive restaurant” or business is not allowed in the City as it might create competition and that’s not allowable, except chicken and Mexican. Roma Italian and Whataburger were interested. I would like to be proven wrong, but history tends to repeat itself. What about the old adage of American competition and there is a winner and the loser goes home; or both may stay, but our population might increase, and perhaps the University and …..keep your lips sealed.
    Prove me wrong.

  3. Natchitoches definitely needs more places to eat! Even a Cheddar’s would suffice, no more Mexican or chicken places. Yes, I agree more housing should be available but with a college here, that also gives those students jobs! Other options are Whataburger as stated above, McCallister’s, Chipotle, Nothing Bundt Cakes, or Chick-fil-A(the only other chicken places lol) to name a few!

  4. Your sort of limited due to the size of the property . It’s highly unlikely you would get a chain store the size of Target. Natchitoches doesn’t need another fast food . If so remodel some of the ones that closed . It could use something besides a Mexican Resturant on Hwy 1 . I don’t think apartments are a bad idea if that’s what’s needed. As long as the possibly could park in the back . Somtimes it tends to get unkept looking with different cars and people hanging out side or maybe townhouse type apartments .

  5. It has other Natchitoches residents seeking housing besides college students.You have low income families we have too many residents and not enough jobs here.

    • i am with William or big “dub” on this one,we need a new place to eat or a Target,everyone hates walmart.

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