NPD Investigates Home Invasion

The Natchitoches Police Department’s Traffic and Patrol Division responded to 318 Winnona St. in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival officers immediately spoke with Ms. Ashley White who stated that Steven Vercher gained entry into her residence through a bedroom window. Ms. White then told officers that once inside of the residence and Mr. Vercher began striking her. Sometimes during the altercation Mr. Vercher was stabbed once in the upper chest. As a result of his injury he was transported to University Health Hospital in Shreveport, LA.

The Criminal Investigations Division has announced that they shall be obtaining a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Vercher for Home Invasion. Mr. Vercher currently remains at University Health Hospital in stable condition.

If you have any additional information in regards to this investigation please contact Detective Bobby Beard at (318) 238-3914. Remember all information given shall remain confidential.

The Natchitoches Police Department would also like to thank the overwhelming support received from the community in assisting detectives in investigating and locating the suspected shooter of Jamie Zeno.

Release Date: 6/11/2018

4 thoughts on “NPD Investigates Home Invasion

  1. I, too, am thankful for the help and support the community gave the NPD detectives in locating the person who shot Jamie Zeno. Seems like a rare thing these days, people actually helping cops instead of the usual, ” nobody saw nuthin’, nobody knows nuthin’ ” wall of silence. Criminals rely on that wall of silence to continue selling drugs, intimidating and assaulting people, murder, etc. If we want our neighborhoods to be safe, we need to start seeing police officers as allies.

  2. I do believe that these two dummy’s are a couple and this wasn’t some
    random home invasion.So if this was the case they deserve each other.

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