ASP Team focused on Traffic Enforcement

NPD-Task Force

The Natchitoches Police Department ASP Team was on patrol today and concentrated on traffic enforcement with a focus on texting while driving.

While using traffic monitoring techniques the officers issued a total of 50 citations in different areas of the city. The citation charges included texting while driving, no seatbelt, illegal window tint, unlicensed driver, driving under suspension, no vehicle registration, no tail lights, wrong way on a one way, red light, switched plates and modified exhaust.

The Natchitoches Police Department would like to remind citizens that it is illegal to text while driving and also always wear your seat belt.

Approved for release by Capt. Walker Date: 6/22/18

3 thoughts on “ASP Team focused on Traffic Enforcement

  1. Would hit them very hard with no auto insurance , Like taking their license Away or selling their vehicle to make up loss or jail time would be great

  2. I hope the “modified exhaust” includes loud exhaust. There is a lot of sound pollution in Natchitoches.

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