Student initiates service project

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India Gurley of Logansport, a student majoring in early childhood education at Northwestern State University, initiated a service project to benefit local preschool and kindergarten students. While enrolled in the Child Development and Appropriate Practices for Young Children class last semester, Gurley implemented a t-shirt fund raiser to support the Early Childhood Education Cradle to Prison Intervention Pipeline project. Gurley raised enough money to purchase 180 children’s books for local classrooms and designed a flyer that will be used this fall during a second round of fund raising.

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  1. Thank you, Leah!

    Carla, my husband and I began this literacy intervention project several years ago to remap the Cradle to Prison Pipeline to a Cradle to College Pipeline in Natchitoches. For anyone looking for a positive response to Mayor Posey’s call for early intervention which can lead to longitudinal changes, I am happy to share information about our NSU Early Childhood Education service learning project. We are extremely proud of Inda for taking on this additional project and for positively impacting 180 Natchitoches children in the Fall. We are grateful for donated children’s books and school supplies, which are combined with parent education materials and donated to local children. As Leah indicated, my email is

    Blessings! Michelle

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