Black Bear spotted in Natchez

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Dexter Humphrey was driving down Hwy. 1 through Natchez, Louisiana when he saw what he thought was a dog walking in a corn field in front of his family’s home. It seemed to be walking funny, so Dexter turned around to investigate. When he got back to the spot he was surprised to find a large black bear walking around the area.

4 thoughts on “Black Bear spotted in Natchez

  1. Black bears were very prominent in this area at one time. And, thanks in part to the Black bear restoration project, they have made a nice comeback. Many are familiar with the story of Marie Coincoin and what is now Melrose Plantation. It is true she made a lot of money in cotton, sugar cane, and indigo, but she also got rich selling bear grease, which was used to grease the wheels of wagons and such vehicles. In fact, she sold quite a bit to France and her bear grease was used by Napoleon Bonaparte’s army.

    More people are killed/injured by Black bears than any other kind of bear. That’s because they are the most common and live in close proximity to people. Saw a Black bear cub rip a plastic garbage can to shreds in a matter of seconds. It was a can like those used here, the big, heavy plastic kind. And that was a cub, not a young cub, but not an adult either. His momma bear was right there watching over him, and eyeing us. Point is, these wild animals are dangerous. Do NOT ever get between a cub and momma bear!

  2. I am sure some redneck hopped up on beer,will be out
    trying to hunt this bear in near future if not already .

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