Recall petition filed for Parish Council member


A petition for a recall for Parish Council member Russell Rachal was filed at the Secretary of State’s Office July 11. The recall committee now has 180 days to circulate the petition and get the required 1,688 signatures.

7 thoughts on “Recall petition filed for Parish Council member

  1. Is it the same ‘group’ who had the last recall petition? and how many uncertified signatures did the get that time?

  2. Parish council are all idiots !! try to get rid of the good,keep the bad and
    crooked and line your pockets.

  3. Do you people that want this go to the meetings or read the meeting notes? You’re trying to recall one of the best on the board! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????? if you look at the right information you would see that!! Sounds like something personal! That natchitoches parish for you! Bet you want to go back to the old jury system that got us to where we are. It worked so well the first time personal things taken care of and pockets fill and brother in-law deals made. Yes that worked out great!!! Good luck!!!

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