The City abhors and will not tolerate any type of racism by City employees under any circumstances. If any City employee is found to have engaged in any racist actions or words, the employee will be disciplined harshly, including, but not limited to, discharge from employment.

Currently, two (2) police officers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into Facebook posts recently made. Because police officers are statutorily protected by state civil service law, the City is restrained from taking any adverse action against them until due process requirements have been met. If the police officers involved are found to have engaged in improper, racist-related conduct, the employees will be disciplined.

    • Regarding a social media thread/posts made this week

9 thoughts on “CITY OF NATCHITOCHES STATEMENT: Mayor Lee Posey

  1. Anything you say or do these days,someone is going to find racist or offensive!
    One day last week was national watermelon day,and people were whining it was racist! Now enjoying a piece of fruit is racist? Come on people please.

  2. Are they really investigating? Everytime they say their investigating a crime you never hear anything else about it, especially if it’s dealing with black people..

  3. GREAT to see a person in a key leadership role step up and act against inappropriate behavior especially by officials entrusted with protecting and serving the public. Officers of the law need to be held accountable for their actions and be trusted they will always do what is right. Racism, biogitry, discrimination in any form has no place in our society and way of life. Morally and spiritually everyone has the obligation and responsibilty to respect other’s right to be different.

  4. Who will decide and by what criteria will “racist” or “offensive” words or actions be determined. You had better be very careful….

  5. Thank you, Mayor Posey. Racist remarks are deeply offensive and should never be taken lightly. However, I would add that similar sexist or heterosupremacist remarks should be treated as equally unacceptable.

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