NCHS Orchestra Director instills passion for music in her students beyond their high school years

NCHS Orchestra Students.png
Three Natchitoches Central High School graduates, all majoring in music education at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, auditioned for their orchestra seating last week. Each one of them received first chair and section leader.

According to one parent, these students chose their majors because of the influence NCHS Orchestra Director Mrs. Syll-Young Olson had on them during their high school years.

Olson said she is very proud of her former students. “I, as their former teacher believe that they are engaged in music through many extraordinary experiences they’ve had in the NCHS orchestra and the trips they’ve been on to perform in world known venues.”

Here’s what her students had to say about their orchestra director:

Madison Lemoine, Freshman, Viola

When most people think orchestra and classical music, they think, “How boring?” What do those people have in common? They have not met Mrs. Syll-Young Olson. She taught me for seven years. In this time, she not only taught me how to amazingly play the viola, but also how to be an amazing person. Her pure passion and love of music shaped me into the person I am today. Currently, I’m studying music education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette due to the passion Mrs. Olson inspired within me. I hope that, one day, I will be at least a fraction of the teacher she is and will be able to spread the love and joy music she has brought me to many other kids.

Emily Boyt, Junior, Violin

Mrs. Olson has taught me so may life lessons and skills throughout high school and through her teaching. She’s taken us to so many places and has given me great opportunities to perform at countless events. She’s such a great person and role model. Even today, she will help me out with anything.

Derrix Jones, Junior, Double Bass

Mrs. Olson was my music instructor for seven years and in that time, she kept me determined and pushed me past my limits. I was able to learn the value of teamwork while also improving my craft. If she hadn’t come to me and asked me if I wanted to play the bass when I was in sixth grade, I honestly don’t know what I would be pursuing right now or if I would’ve been able to travel around the world and experience the cultures that I have. I just thank her for all her hard work and the constant support she has given me in music.
“This is a very remarkable thing to have all three of our small town kids as the top player of their section,” said Madison’s mother Tara Smith. “Mrs. Olson and the orchestra program are hidden gems within the Natchitoches Parish School System.”

Don’t miss the music this weekend at the Cane River Zydeco Festival

Cane River Zydeco Festival


The Magnolia State Peace Officer’s Association- Cane River Branch will hold the 19th Annual Cane River Zydeco Festival and Poker Run this Friday and Saturday, Aug. 31-Sept. 1 on Natchitoches downtown riverbank. The event will feature food and beverage vendors, a free bounce house for the kids, and plenty of live music by Gerard Delafose and the Zydeco Gators and Marcus Ardoin and Da Zydeco Legendz!

Friday kicks off at 6 pm with Go DJ Rob Real. Poker Run registration will begin at 9:30 pm along with a zydeco dance contest. Saturday festivities kick off at 9 am with the continuation of the Poker Run registration. The ride begins at 11:30 am. Gates open at 1 pm and the On Point Band plays at 1:30 pm. Gerard Delafose. Marcus Ardoin takes the stage at 8:30 pm.

For more information call 318-332-7455. Admission Friday is free and Saturday is $8.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit of Natchitoches: Seasoned here, smoked here, served here


Dickey’s Barbecue Pit of Natchitoches prides itself on selecting premium meats, like brisket, turkey, ribs, pulled pork and chicken. The meats are seasoned with Dickey’s own special blend of rubs, and then cooked low and slow. The brisket and pulled pork are smoked Texas style overnight until they’re perfectly tender and flavorful. The St. Louis cut ribs, turkey and spicy cheddar sausage are smoked fresh daily and are ready by lunchtime.

“We want to showcase how we do our smoking fresh, on-site everyday,” said Owner Lee Waskom.

Once taken out of the warmer, the meats are triple wrapped to seal in their signature smokey flavor. They’re then kept in a warmer until they’re ready to be sliced up and served on any of Dickey’s delicious plates or sandwiches.

Spice up your next lunch hour with Dickey’s “Westerner” sub sandwich, or grab a combo plate with your choice of sides and a big yellow cup.

Got more mouths to feed? Grab an XL Family Pack, which comes with 3 lbs of your choice of meat, 4 sides and rolls.

Want to learn some tips and tricks for your next cookout? Lee said he’d be happy to help anyone make their barbecue tasty. Or come by and grab a can of Dickey’s rib rub.

If you don’t feel like cooking, let Dickey’s do the work for you. They customize their catering to fit your event or party. They offer full service catering, delivery drop off, party platters, or lunch boxes for your next get together. Dickey’s also sells full sheet pans of their delicious sides.

Dickey’s barbecue Pit is located at 936 University Parkway in Natchitoches. For more information call 318-238-4227. And don’t forget, kids eat free on Sundays!


NSU drum majors eagerly anticipating performance at Texas A&M

Michael King-Hope Spaw-Brandon Brumbelow

Growing up about two hours outside of College Station, Texas, Brandon Brumbelow dreamed of performing in Texas A&M’s Kyle Field.

Brumbelow’s dream will come true Thursday when he’ll lead Northwestern State’s 320-piece marching band (Spirit of Northwestern) as one of three drum majors.

The Demons football team will open their season at Texas A&M in a stadium that can hold more than 102,000 cheering, screaming Aggies.

“It’s going to be nerve-racking,” said Brumbelow, a Kerens, Texas, native who will be stepping onto the drum major podium for the first time in a game setting Thursday. “Texas A&M has been my favorite team since I was five years old, and it’s always been my dream to march in or conduct a band in Kyle Field.

“But it’s going to be exciting. A&M is one of the best bands at what they do (military style), and we want to show that we’re one of the best in our style (corps style).”

Brumbelow will have plenty of help from second-year NSU drum majors Hope Spaw and Michael King.

Spaw, the head drum major from Bossier City, said she feels a lot more prepared in her second season.

“I have a year under my belt, so I know how the band works at this level and am familiar with the members,” Spaw said. “I play the flute and march with a mellophone, but it’s a different experience being in front of the band because you hear all of the parts, not just your part.

“It takes a lot of focus, but it’s also a really neat experience at the same time. It’s an adrenaline rush to be in front of the band — you feed off their energy and they feed off yours.”

King, a Deville native who plays the trombone when he’s not on a drum major podium, said the band has been hard at work since members started arriving for camp on Aug. 6.

“The section leaders came in, and we made sure we’re all on the same page in terms of what we’re teaching and the message we’re portraying,” said King, an assistant drum major. “We explain our traditions to the new members, practice marching and playing fundamentals and then do our rehearsals.”

The band has full rehearsals three days per week with the drumline practicing as many as five to six times per week.

As assistant director of bands Dan McDonald puts it, “If someone is rehearsing, the drum majors are part of it.”

“Students selected as Sprit of Northwestern drum majors are chosen because they are among the top students in our band, are talented musicians and demonstrate strong leadership abilities,” McDonald said. “They have some sort of rehearsal six days per week, and they also play a major role in preparing the band behind the scenes.

“The SON relies heavily on student leadership to operate, from drum majors to graduate assistants, brass and woodwind captains, section leaders and our service organizations Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma.”

Part of the band’s tradition includes singing the alma mater and pointing toward Turpin Stadium to play the fight song at the end every practice or event.

The SON hopes to be playing the fight song a lot on Thursday at Texas A&M, signifying Northwestern State touchdowns.

Drum majors need sharp focus and knowledge of football to understand when to play songs and how to get the band in motion quickly.

A “call-it-up” system complete with hand signals is in place to signal which song to play and when, and then it’s band members responsibilities to “talk it up” the line to make sure everybody hears the command in a raucous atmosphere.

“It takes a lot of thinking on your toes,” Spaw said. “You have to prepared for anything to happen and know how to handle that situation.

“If there’s a touchdown, you’re supposed to wait to play if there’s a (penalty flag), but sometimes you don’t see it.”

Rules such as bands not sounding off during a football play could draw penalty flags for the Demons if broken.

NSU’s football opponents will try to prepare for the Demons’ new up-tempo offense, but King said the band has been practicing for the quick pace as well.

“We basically have to be counting off the next song as the whistle blows to get it in, because we know the ball will be snapped quickly after that,” King said.

King added that the SON does enjoy “friendly competition” between bands as they push to produce the best sound, but “we’re not trying to over play or show anybody up. We do want to make the best sounds possible, and we want to show the we’re just as good as Texas A&M.”

Spaw said she’s excited about gleaning a tip or two from watching and listening to Texas A&M.

NSU will see a different style of band Sept. 8 when Grambling State’s “World Famed Tiger Marching Band” enters Turpin Stadium for the home opener.

“Most college bands don’t have competitions, but the (Southwestern Athletic Conference) bands are definitely different with the ‘Battle of the Bands,’” McDonald said. “It’s cool because they are such a different style, and we’ll get to benefit seeing and hearing that.

“Just like Texas A&M is probably the best band in their style (military), Grambling is one of the best in their style (show style).”

Spaw, King and Brumbelow are all music education majors, the most common major for NSU drum majors. Brumbelow, a French horn player, wants to teach musicology at the college level.

Spaw aims to start teaching in middle school band. King and Brumbelow hope to pursue a master’s degree after graduating from NSU.

McDonald said NSU structures its drum majors’ responsibilities to best prepare them to be their own band directors.

“We train them to be able to run the band if we weren’t there,” McDonald said. “They decide which songs to play and run the game with some help from our graduate assistants.”

NSU office dedicated to helping students find part-time jobs

NSU helps student find jobs
Students at Northwestern State University who are looking for part-time employment have a valuable campus asset they can use in the Office of Job Location and Development.

The office’s director Karen Loach said it supports students in their efforts to find part-time work by offering workshops along with the Career Center through the “Don’t Cancel Class Program,” which include information on LinkedIn and professionalism in the workplace and offering resume reviews and mock interviews in conjunction with the Career Center. JLD hosts a Part-Time Job Fair each fall in conjunction with Demon Days. This year’s Part-Time Job Fair is on Wednesday, Sept. 5 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom.

The office works one on one with students who come in the office seeking job advice and teams with Quality Enhancement Program staff to increase internship opportunities for students.

“My role in Job Location and Development allows me to focus on building relationships with students and with employers to increase all types of part-time job opportunities,” said Loach. “Making sure students are well-prepared increases the likelihood of employers continuing to recruit our students for all types of employment.”

Sophomore nursing major Elizabeth Parker of Winnfield used JLD to get a receptionist’s position at Exchange Bank and Trust in Natchitoches in February.

“The Office of Job Location and Development was nothing but helpful. They helped me make an appropriate job resume, and shortly after, I started to receive job offers,” said Parker. “I wouldn’t have found this job without the help of the Office of Job Location and Development and for that I am very grateful.”

Parker said JLD staff helped her find a job in a good work atmosphere that assisted her in paying for college.

“This job has helped me tremendously throughout my college career,” said Parker. “I love my job at the Exchange Bank. They work around my schedule and they put my schooling first. I am very fortunate to hold a position for such a caring company.”

The Office of Job Location & Development is funded in part through the Federal Work Study Program and is housed in the Career Center on the third floor of the Student Union.

A major recent change in JLD was the addition of Handshake, a new career services platform, which Loach says has made accessing job postings, appointments and career events much easier for students and employers.

“Previously, students had to come to the JLD office, fill out an application, maintain a minimum GPA, submit a resume and attend a mock interview to be enrolled in JLD,” said Loach. “Once enrolled, they would receive frequent e-mails with current job openings and instructions on how to apply. Now, students can just login to Handshake with their student e-mail and password and search for jobs, which is a much more user-friendly process for students.”

Through Handshake, students can also make appointments with Career Center staff for resume reviews, mock interviews or career counseling and register career events.

This past summer, in addition to Handshake training and set up, Loach developed an employer guide that encompasses all aspects of recruiting NSU students. She also worked with Academic Technology Support Specialist Joe Parrie and Randi Washington of the Career Center to coordinate the website redesign for the Career Center. This semester, Loach said she is focusing on increasing the number of local employers posting their part-time jobs on Handshake and working to help students prepare to compete well for part-time jobs and internship opportunities.

For more information on the Office of Job Location and Development, go to

Cane River Lake is at 96.4 MSL


While Cane River Lake is at 96.4 MSL use caution in the low water conditions while navigating and/or performing water sport activities. Underwater debris is now being exposed and/or just under the water line that could cause damage to boat props or hulls and/or personal injury.

During the reconvened session Aug. 21, the Cane River Waterway Commission evaluated the lake. After discussion, the Commission has decided to leave the entire lake open, making the north end a no-wake zone from the Natchitoches National Fish Hatchery outflow box north to the dam should the water levels reach 96.0 MSL.

There will be Fireworks- downtown riverbank, on the south side as follows:
Saturday, Sept. 15 at 10 pm for the Meat Pie Festival
Thursday, Sept. 20 at 9:30 pm for the Louisiana Realtor Association Banquet
Have your boats behind the yellow safety buoys 1 hour prior to display(s) and follow enforcement request.

The Cane River Waterway Commission has hired Air Data Solutions to perform Bathymetry, Aerial Mapping, and Riverbank Video Assessment services for Cane River Lake. It is expected to take about 3-4 months to complete. The lake video scan will take place on Sept. 10, weather permitting. The Commission encourages riparian owners to clean up their property in an effort to showcase Cane River. Please remember a free permit is required for all types of construction to the bed and/or banks of the lake.

On Oct. 6 there will be a regatta called the St. Denis Head Race, held on the north end of the lake. The lake will be closed from Keyser Bridge to the north dam for the race.

Lake Pool Stage: 98.0 MSL
Low Water Lake Closing: 96.0 MSL (Ordinance 2 of 2011)
High Water Lake Closing: 99.0 MSL (Ordinance 2 of 2011)

If you need a permit and/or have any questions please contact Betty Fuller 318-357-3007 office, 318-617-3235 cell

Briarwood Curator speaks to Rotary Club about the Caroline Dormon Nature Preserve

Rotary_Caroline Dorman Nature Preserve

Rotarian with the Program Benjamin Stevens introduced Briarwood Curator Richard “Rick” Johnson who shared information with the Rotarians on the Briarwood Caroline Dormon Nature Preserve: A National Historic Place. Briarwood is open every weekend in March, April, May, October, and November. Pictured from left are Rotary Club of Natchitoches President Richard White and Johnson (Photo by Dr. Ron McBride).

Save the Date for the 64th Annual Natchitoches Fall Pilgrimage Oct. 12-14

Save the date and get ready to tour historic properties over three exciting days in Natchitoches Parish Oct. 12-14 with the Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN) Fall Tour of Homes!


Friday evening is the crowd favorite Candlelight Tour, featuring a special look around Northwestern State University’s campus. Buildings on tour include the President’s Home, Russell Hall, Varnado Hall, and Nelson Hall (NCPTT). Two performances will be held of “Cane River Ladies” play by Dr. Vicki Parrish in the Varnado Hall Ballroom at 7:30 and 8:30 pm.

The Natchitoches Historic Foundation will hold its annual American Cemetery and Mourning Tour on Friday Oct. 12 from 5:30-8 pm (last tour begins at 7:30 pm). Tour one of the oldest cemeteries in the vast Louisiana Purchase. Traditions and customs of mourning will be shared by docents through memorabilia and displays. Learn about burial practices and headstone design. Completing the comprehensive tour, visitors will partake of a “funeral repast” including wine and food historically offered to mourners after a funeral. NHF members will portray persons of local, state, and national interest interred here including: Louis Juchereau de St. Denis and his wife Manuela, Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer, Susan Harling, John Gideon Lewis, Dr. John Sibley, and Cammie Henry. Tickets are $20 for adults (children 13 and under are free). For more information go online to or call 318-471-7489.


Saturday, tour several lovely Natchitoches landmarks including Lemee House, Prudhomme-Rouquier House, Hill Haven, and more. Saturday also boasts a full schedule of expert guest speakers at Lemee House and the Barn at Melrose Plantation.

Both Saturday and Sunday offer visitors the option to tour the Cane River area’s most impressive plantations, including Melrose, Cherokee, Oakland, and more.

For more details on all of the amazing tour sites, special weekend programming, or to purchase tickets go online to

Fall Tour AFall Tour B

Summit ObGyn of Natchitoches: Break Free from heavy periods


Get lasting relief from heavy periods caused by abnormal uterine bleeding

Her Option® is a safe and effective treatment that uses sub-zero temperatures to destroy the tissue lining the uterus (endometrium).

It is this tissue that sheds during your period that causes bleeding. By destroying most or all of this lining, your periods will be reduced or eliminatd.

Is your menstrual bleeding excessive?
Bleeding that soaks through one or more sanitary pads or tampons every hour for several consecutive hours.
Bleeding so heavy you need to double up on sanitary protection. Bleeding that causes you to change protection during the night. A period lasting longer than seven days.

Menstual flow containing large blood clots.

Heavy periods that interfere with your regular lifestyle
(i.e. physical activities, sexual intimacy, career, recreation, self-confidence)

Constant pain in your lower abdomen during your period. Severe cramps or headaches during your period.

Irregular periods.

Tiredness, fatigue or shortness of breath (symptoms of anemia). Depression or moodiness during your period.

If you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms, your heavy periods could be the result of a condition called abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) or Menorrhagia.
You do not need to live with heavy periods and the limitations associated with AUB.

Moshood Olatinwo, M.D.
617 Bienville Street, Suite A
Natchitoches, Louisiana 71457

Barbara McCoy, WHNP
1633 Marvel Street
Coushatta,  LA 71457

Paid Advertising

Notice of Death – August 28, 2018

Notice of Death 2017



SMSGT Howard Olney Hickman, Sr., (USAF Ret.)
December 14, 1929 – August 27, 2018
Service: Thursday, August 30 at 2 pm at New Salem Baptist Church

Perlene Ball
August 27, 2018
Arrangements TBA


Nola B. (Jinks) Ham
December 23, 1944 – August 25, 2018
Service: Wednesday, August 29 at 10 am at Warren Meadows Funeral Home Chapel
Interment: Zwolle City Cemetery


Dwaine “Dee” Owen Woods, Jr.
December 13, 1960 – August 26, 2018
Service: Wednesday, August 29 at 2 pm at Hickory Grove Baptist Church
Interment: Wallace Cemetery

Billy Ray Carlin
January 7, 1947 – August 24, 2018
Service: Wednesday, August 29 at 10 am at Mt. Zion Cemetery

Jeanette Lucille Melanie Pardue
December 31, 1935 – August 23, 2018
Service: Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 10 am at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Meyersville, TX
Interment: St. John Lutheran Cemetery

City Council Meeting – August 27, 2018

CityCouncilMeeting 082718.JPG

The Natchitoches City Council met Monday night at the Arts Center located at 716 Second Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana.  The following agenda items were discussed and acted on:

Declared the month of September as General Aviation Appreciation Month.


Approved – Ordinance declaring structure located at 1014 Berry, Ave. Unsafe and be Demolished or put into Repair to Comply with the Building Code.

Approved – Ordinance approving the acquisition of two tracts of ground located on the western right-of-way of Rapides Drive and Mill Street from Carbecca, LLC.


Introduced –  Ordinance declaring certain buildings (see list below) unsafe and recommending that same be demolished or put into repair to comply with the Building Code.

CON – Unsafe Buildings List

Introduced – Ordinance authorizing the Mayor of the City of Natchitoches to award the Bid for the Natchitoches Sports & Recreation Park.  $13,930,000.00.

Sports and Recreation Park Bid


Approved – Resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Change Order #2 to the Contract between the City and Womack and Sons construction Group, Inc. for the Master Lift Station Replacement project.

Approved – Resolution authorizing the Mayor to advertise for the Bids for Liquid Chlorine for the Water Treatment Plant.

Approved – Resolution of Support for Grant Application Submitted to the Louisiana Office of Community Development, Local Government Assistance Program.

Approved – Resolution authorizing and approving execution of an Equipment Lease-Purchase agreement with BancorpSouth Equipment Finance, a Division of BancorpSouth Bank for the purpose of Lease-Purchase Certain Equipment.


City FS 08-27-18


Special Recognition of the 2018 Natchitoches Recreation and Parks Department National Track & Field Qualifiers.

NRPD - Track and Field 2018

The NRMC High School Football Jamboree Previews the Upcoming High School Football Season

Football Ramboree - 2018 NRMC (3)


Kevin’s Gallery – NCHS

Kevin’s Gallery – Lakeview

Kevin’s Gallery – St. Mary’s

NSU’s Turpin Stadium was the scene of some intense gridiron action as all three local high school football teams took to the field at the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center High School Football Jamboree Friday, August 24th.

One noteworthy item is that all three teams have first year coaches at the helm. NCHS’ Bryon Keller made his debut as the Chief’s coach after three years heading the Lakeview Gators while his predecessor at NCHS, Brandon Helms, took over the Lakeview program. Saint Mary’s also has a new coach with Aaron York taking the lead of the Tiger football program.

The Lakeview Gators faced Alexandria’s Bolton Bears in the 1st matchup. Coach Helm’s young Gator team came out strong in the first quarter and gave the Bears all they could handle in a hard fought game but came up short 16 to 22.

Byron Keller’s Chiefs put up a fierce battle before falling to perennial powerhouse Many Tigers 20 to 29, a score that belies the impressive effort made against a team that is a sure contender for a yearly trip to the Dome. There is much to be hopeful about the Chiefs.

The Saint Mary’s Tigers put up the only victory of the evening, delivering a decisive 31 to 0 rout of a hapless Ringgold team. If they can keep up that impressive level of play, they will need to begin looking for a charter bus company for a trip to New Orleans.

There is more to football games than meets the eye. Every Natchitoches Parish home game has an ambulance on standby. Several local physicians volunteer their time on the sidelines to be on hand in case of need. NRMC Lead Athletic Trainer Lennis Watson and his staff attend not just football games, but every home athletic event. His influence throughout the years can be seen in the young people he influenced. NCHS 2008 alumni and football standout Cardarious Murphy is now a physical therapist who comes by to visit his mentor and help out at games. NCHS 2015 alumna, cheerleader and softball player Kayla Roquemore now plays softball for NSU and is interning under Mr. Watson. Lastly, each football team has a cadre of student trainers who watch for injuries and assist with hydration and other tasks. All of this is provided without charge to the school.

Northwestern State welcomes back Amanda Locke to staff


Donald Pickett completed his Northwestern State softball coaching staff with another familiar face, the head coach announced Monday.

Amanda Locke rejoins the Lady Demons as the associate head coach after serving on Pickett’s NSU staff from 2013-14.

The hire is subject to the approval of the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System, of which NSU is a member.

Locke spent the past four seasons at Texas Tech, serving as the primary pitching coach.

The Mesquite, Texas, native will return to her offensive roots at NSU as she’ll be involved in hitting on Pickett’s staff.

“We’re excited to have Amanda back,” Pickett said. “It’s always good to have people back who helped us be successful before.

“She was with us when we won our two Southland Conference Tournament titles and made our two NCAA Tournament appearances. She’s familiar with the region, with our program and with our standards. She’ll hit the ground running, and that will be very important.”

Locke worked primarily with pitchers in her last stint at NSU. including tutoring Kylie Roos and Kaylee Guidry in 2013, who combined for a sub-2.00 ERA with 29 combined wins and a pair of All-Southland Conference selections.

Locke helped slice NSU’s team ERA from 3.88 in 2012 to 2.15 in 2013.

She also assisted with hitting in seasons that built the foundation for NSU’s most prominent power numbers with hitters like Cassandra Barefield and Kellye Kincannon.

“Amanda helped a little bit with the offense in her last stint, but this time, she’ll be primarily an offensive coach,” Pickett said. “She’s really similar to me in hitting style, and she’ll carry on that same philosophy in a different voice, which will be beneficial.

“She can throw front toss and give us a live look to get us ready for certain matchups. We’re confident in what she’ll add to our staff.”

At Texas Tech, young pitchers that Locke recruited morphed into the Red Raiders’ leading arms.

Freshman Erin Edmundson posted a team-high 17 wins with a 2.97 ERA en route to All-Big 12 Freshman Team honors in 2018. Freshman Kassidy Scott was selected to the All-Big 12 Freshman team in 2017 with 10 wins.

Locke lowered the team ERA to 3.78 this past season for a 31-28 squad, improving from 4.72 in 2017 and 5.77 in 2016.

But Locke is no stranger to the bat.

As a utility player at Alabama, she took home NFCA All-American honors (second team) and an All-Southeastern Conference selection as the Crimson Tide won the national title in 2012.

Locke ranks third in Alabama history with 54 career home runs and eighth with 161 RBIs.

As a senior, she slugged .703 with 18 home runs, 56 RBIs and 116 total bases, all of which rank second all-time in Alabama single-season history.

Locke joins pitching coach Brooke Boening on Pickett’s staff. Boening was a senior pitcher under Locke’s tutelage in 2014.

Parish Council: Lack of a quorum means no tax gets on the ballot

Doug and Rodney

The Parish Council lacked a quorum at its Special Called Meeting Aug. 27, so the plan to get a sales tax on the ballot failed because the Council missed the deadline for the Nov. 6 election. While Russell Rachal was out of town at the time of the meeting, Patsy Ward Hoover and Chris Paige did not attend. Only Councilmen Doug de Graffenried and Rodney Bedgood. The matter will be discussed further at the Council’s next meeting in September.

Trini Triggs receives Music Heritage Award

Trinni Triggs.png
Country Music Artist Trini Triggs received the Music Heritage Award, presented by the ARK_LA_TEX Music Heritage Festival Aug. 24-26 in Shreveport. The award was presented in celebration of his contribution to music and music heritage. Trini was recognized along with several other artists during this event that showcased over 60 acts in three days.

“I was surprised,” he said. “It was unexpected, but definitely an honor to receive it. My love of music is what keeps me going.”

Trini tours across the country and is the Morning DJ on 94.9 The River in Natchitoches. He is currently writing and getting ready ready to go back into the studio before January.

Trinni Triggs Award

City held Work Session – Garbage & Recycling

CityWorkSession 082718

The City held a work session to discuss the City’s garbage and recycling contract.  There’s no longer a market for recycling and China has stopped accepting recycling from other nations. The garbage company the City has its services with is passing on to the City what it would cost them to keep recycling, which the customers would have to pay. The City is considering several options (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

The City Council is trying no to do away with recycling completely.  It’s considering doing away with recycling pickup at homes. In its place, the City would run a central recycling facility at the ADM property on Mill Street.

According to the Mayor, only 350-500 resident participate in the recycling program and all too often the recyclables that are collected are contaminated and have to be thrown away.

The City Council will make a decision at a future date.   You can watch the meeting below.

Waste Options 08-27-18.jpg* Number and Price may change



Parish President Rick Nowlin has announced his intention to make appointments and reappointments to several boards and commissions. The boards and commissions are as follows:

Natchitoches Parish Planning Commission
Natchitoches Parish Fire District No. 2 (Goldonna area)
Natchitoches Parish Fire District No. 6 (Ward 1 outside City of Natchitoches)
Natchitoches Parish Fire District No. 7 (Robeline/Marthaville area)
Natchitoches Parish Fire District No. 9 (Campti area)
Natchitoches Parish Fire District No. 10 (Powhatan area)
Natchitoches Parish Water Works District No. 1 (City of Natchitoches area)

Any resident interested in serving on a board or commission should submit an application to the Office of the President. In addition, any current members of these boards and commissions who have expiring terms are encouraged to apply for reappointment.

Applications may be picked up at the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse, located at 200 Church Street, or by contacting David Kees, Jr., Executive Assistant to the President, at (318) 352-2714, or by sending an email to

Closure of St. Denis Street from Front Street to Second Street

ASt Denis Road WOrk

The City of Natchitoches would like to advise the public that the section of St. Denis Street from Front Street to Second Street will be closed Tuesday, August 28, 2018 – August 31, 2018. Progressive Construction will begin laying brick for this phase of the St. Denis Rehabilitation Project from Front Street to Second Street.

During this closure, traffic may detour around the work site via the adjacent network of City streets. When traveling near the work zone, motorists are advised to exercise caution and to observe all warning signs and flagger instructions.

For questions relative to this temporary closure, please call the Mayor’s office at (318) 352-2772.

NSU’s TRiO Student Support Services conducts mentoring retreat

NSU TRiO Student Support Service (1)

NSU TRiO Student Support Services conducted a mentoring retreat on Sunday, Aug. 19 in Russell Hall. The selected peer mentors are junior and senior participants within the TRiO SSS Program. They learned strategies, techniques and skills on becoming effective and dynamic mentors to new TRiO SSS students. The speakers for the retreat were Alexis Smith, NSU Title IX Coordinator, Lavonya Malveaux, Judicial Administrator for Opelousas City Court, and Mercedes Wiles, Second Grade Teacher (TRiO Alumnae and Former SSS Mentor). The speakers were engaging and informative. They discussed overcoming mentoring challenges, effective listening for better advocacy and how being a mentor is serious business. The goals of the mentoring program is to assist freshmen with graduating within 4-6 years and becoming acclimated to NSU academics and social culture. For more information on TRiO Student Support Services, please call (318) 357-5901.

2018-2019 TRiO SSS mentors, pictured above, are Azita Rivers, China Young, Cheyenne Ware, Melina Royer, Kayla Rockett, JaKayla Lee, Dalenesha Wimley, Donna Cooper, Shalondria Rainey, Alexis Moses, Chaddrick Thomas and Mercedes Wiles, NSU Alumni Mentor. Not pictured: Darius Brock, Darrel Doyle, Ciara Gibbs Brittany Jefferson, and Imani Ricks.

Notice of Death – August 27, 2018

Notice of Death 2017


Perlene Ball
August 27, 2018
Arrangements TBA


Nola B. (Jinks) Ham
December 23, 1944 – August 25, 2018
Visitation: Tuesday, August 28 at 5 pm at Warren Meadows Funeral Home in Many
Service: Wednesday, August 29 at 10 am at Warren Meadows Funeral Home Chapel
Interment: Zwolle City Cemetery


Billy Ray Carlin
January 7, 1947 – August 24, 2018
Service: Wednesday, August 29 at 10 am at Mt. Zion Cemetery

Jeanette Lucille Melanie Pardue
December 31, 1935 – August 23, 2018
Service: Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 10 am at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Meyersville, TX
Interment: St. John Lutheran Cemetery