Candidacy Announcement: Beverly Broadway, School Board District 9, #65

Beverly Broadway

My name is Beverly Broadway and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Natchitoches Parish School Board District 9 seat.

I believe that investing in our children’s education is not only an investment in their individual lives, but also an investment in our community. I have seen some of the wonderful outcomes of our educational system but also see an incredible amount of potential for growth. I am excited because I believe that serving as the new Natchitoches Parish School Board member for District 9 will allow me to do both: directly invest in our children and community while being a part of ushering in a time of growth through positive changes.

My husband, Dennis, and I have been married for 15 years and live in Robeline with our four children, ages 13, 12, 7, and 4. Each of our school-age children have attended public school in Natchitoches Parish since entering kindergarten and our youngest is looking forward to the day when he will join them.

I graduated from Natchitoches Central in 1998 and continued my education at Northwestern State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2002 and a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2007. After graduation, I taught for 7 years as an adjunct instructor for the department of psychology. In 2014, I was honored to accept the position as executive director of the Women’s Resource Center. I served in this position for four years before stepping down to teach full time as a university instructor.

I am dedicated to the betterment of my community through serving others. I have been involved with the non-profit ministry, the Women’s Resource Center, for over 18 years in various capacities including volunteer, outreach coordinator, and most recently as the executive director. I am also a member of the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center Patient and Family Advisory Council as well as the Natchitoches Parish School Board Parent Advisory Council. In addition to this, I have volunteered over 100 hours in Natchitoches Parish Schools.

Every role I have or position that I have held – mother, volunteer, instructor, and executive director – has given me a unique perspective and a varied skill set that I believe will allow me to successfully work alongside my fellow school board members to best serve the children in District 9 and all of Natchitoches Parish.

If elected, I will work as a true public servant. This will include effectively communicating with the members of District 9 and being available to address the needs of students and concerns of community members. I will also work collaboratively and effectively with all members of the school board for the betterment of our students. This will include a focus on financial transparency, emphasizing preparedness for a variety of post-graduation educational/career paths, and the inclusion of art, music, and play as important components of education for all children in our parish.

In closing, I would be honored if on November 6, you would vote for me, Beverly Broadway – #65, to be your new Natchitoches Parish School Board member for District 9.

For more information, please feel free to contact me through any of the following:
Cell – 318-471-0006
Or Facebook – Beverly Broadway for NPSB District 9

2 thoughts on “Candidacy Announcement: Beverly Broadway, School Board District 9, #65

  1. This, for me, was an excellent opportunity to get to more about a candidate, other than “I will work for the children of Natchitoches Parish.” We found out a little about her family, but more importantly, her education and job history. I like to know if a candidate can understand budgets, how the money comes in, teacher requirements, what is needed and what is not needed (only wanted) in different schools. They need to realize and fight for the most important things in our school system, and that might not be giving the superintendent an extension on a contract two years before his contract is up. WAIT A WHILE, It’s awfully expensive to buy out a contract. The administrators’ salary might not need an increase, but in order to keep good teachers in our schools, they might need an increase. To our children, teachers are the most important part of their school life, and we certainly want the best for them.

    I don’t vote in his district, but Mrs Broadway seems to be intelligent (look at her education) and qualified to look at the big picture when making decisions for the school system (look at her work history).

    I don’t know this candidate personally, but her background is impressive. The degrees she worked for and her work experience would have me leaning toward voting for her if I lived in her district. She looks like the intelligent person we need making the best decisions for the children.

    NPJ, Please continue to interview all candidates running for public office so that we can hopefully vote for the right people to clean up our schools and our town. Thank you so much!

  2. I want to personally thank the NPJ for providing all of these bios for the SB candidates. This is a huge public service for those of us who prefer to be informed voters. And it is good that both incumbents and challengers get to provide us some information about their qualifications.

    I would like to see this kind of thing done for all elections. To be honest, many times, I don’t really know that much about candidates. Only tidbits provided by the candidates in their ads and flyers. This is helpful.

    Thanks to the NPJ!

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