Red Mass held to honor those in law professions

By Samantha Maiette

The Natchitoches Parish Bar Association held its annual Red Mass service at Trinity Episcopal Church on Nov 2. Members of the community along with students of St. Mary’s were in attendance.

Red Mass is held each year to pray over those in law professions along with students seeking to enter the field.

“We set aside one day a year to honor all the men and women who take the time to protect us,” said Reverend Suzanne Wolfenbarger. “I am very humbled to be able to participate in this service where they are remembered and where we give thanks.”

During the service, officers from the local fire and police departments offered their hats as a symbol of their time and commitment to the safety and well-being of the members of the community.

The day’s readings came from Psalms, Luke and other portions of the Bible. Lakeview High School’s AFROTC presented the colors. A reception was held afterwards at the Cunningham Law Office.