Crows Bureau Insurance thanks Veterans in honor of its founder Lanny G. Crow


The owners of Crows Bureau Insurance want to thank all Veterans for their service in honor of their father Lanny G. Crow. His daughters are Lanis Crow, Aloys Duty and Gina Dykes.

A framed news clipping in the Crows Bureau Office reads: Army Sgt. Lanny G. Crow is the most decorated World War II veteran in the state of Louisiana. He received four Theater ribbons, four Battlestars, the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, and the Purple Heart with one cluster.

“When we were young we didn’t realize how awesome he was,” said Aloys. She remembers playing with her father’s ribbons that were in a desk at the Crows Bureau Office.

A lamented new article that sits in the Crows Bureau Office reads: Crow got into his first combat Nov. 8, 1944 and won a Silver Star for valor. Only 50 days later, he won a Distinguished Service Cross for his efforts during the Battle of the Bulge.


By direction of the President, a Silver Star is awarded to Sergeant Lanny G. Crow, 101st Infantry-Company G of the US Army, for gallantry in action in the vicinity of Moyenvic, France on November 8, 1944 during operations. Then a Private, Crow (a Company G scout) armed with a rifle grenade launcher and several antitank grenades, came under the direct fire of an enemy machine gun nest. Throwing himself to the ground, he pretended he had been struck. As his squad attempted to outflank the hostel emplacement, the enemy gunners opened fire on them and forced them to take cover. While the enemy’s attention was diverted from him, Crow crawled to within 25 yards of the hostile position and, after taking careful aim, fired two grenades, killing two of the enemy gun crew and silencing the weapon. The third member of the gun crew attempted to escape but was killed by the squad members. Crow’s heroic action enabled his company to continue its successful advance. His unusual courage under fire, resourcefulness and loyal devotion to duty reflect the highest credit upon Sgt. Crow and the Armed Forces of the US.


For extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy. During an attack against Nothum, Luxembourg on Dec. 28, 1944, Sgt. (then Private First Class) Crow’s company was halted by fire from a concealed enemy machine gun. From his position, Sgt. Crow observed the crew of an enemy gun some 200 yards distant had been killed by artillery fire and on his own initiative he advanced through the intense fire toward the gun. He succeeded in reaching the position even though direct enemy fire was concentrated against him and turned a withering volume of fire upon the gun that was holding up his platoon. He killed the entire crew and supporting enemy riflemen, permitting his company to advance. The fearless determination and courageous devotion to duty Sgt. Crow displayed exemplify the highest tradition of the Military Service.