NSU Defeats McNeese in Double Overtime in an Epic Contest

By Kevin Shannahan


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The Natchitoches Parish Journal’s staff is regretfully short of sports fans. The Superbowl, March Madness and the like all pass us by largely unnoticed. I am, even after over five years of photographing high school and NSU games, still oblivious to the finer points of what’s happening on the field or court.  I am conversant in politics and policy and have been known to watch C-Span for fun, but even with the AP Style Guide in front of me, I can’t do a box score to save my life.

I do, however, recognize excellence when I see it. The Natchitoches State University Demon Football team won a 37 to 34 victory against McNeese State Saturday, Nov 10th in double overtime that was simply magnificent to watch. The Demons were a perfect example that night of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Grit, teamwork, determination, grace under pressure and a simple refusal to give up were all abundantly in evidence and transformed the young men on the team into a single unit demonstrating all that is good and character building about sports.

After the game, the team carried on a NSU tradition, standing on the field facing the band and spirit groups as they played the Alma Mater and fight song. They then went off to greet their families before going to the locker room. It was a classy ending to a wonderful evening.

One thought on “NSU Defeats McNeese in Double Overtime in an Epic Contest

  1. Wonderful night to be a Demon! Congrats to Coach Laird and his staff who have worked hard to make it happen and to the players with the heart to carry it out! Epic event for sure!

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