Schools close across Parish as winter storm rolls through


Due to anticipated severe weather the following schools announced closures for Jan. 29:

CLTCC Natchitoches Campus
All public schools in Natchitoches Parish
Oasis of Love
Natchitoches Parish Head Start Centers

All Northwestern State University campuses will be open for normal operating hours Tuesday, Jan. 29.

25 thoughts on “Schools close across Parish as winter storm rolls through

  1. As a parent I would rather know the day before rather than the day of that schools were closed. It is a difficult decision that somebody has to make. Thank God it did not get as bad as forcasted.

  2. Skinner is the main reason school was closed and the same person
    who took private student /parent numbers and used them for personal reason.

  3. I dont know which is worst, missing a day of school where you learn nothing or going to school and learning nothing in a failing educational system.
    Secondly, alot of these positive post about Skinner are from teachers who have a personal association with him.

  4. There has been one comment on here that had any validity at all! And that was that our bus drivers have NO experience driving on icy roads… that being said I believe they call it way too soon. My kids don’t ride the bus and I could have dropped them off without incident. Making the call at 5:00 am isn’t necessarily the worst scenario either! Or possibly we could educate our drivers as to how to handle different road conditions. They go to school on icy snowy roads all over the country. A little EDUCATION goes a long way.

  5. Thanks, Philip, for your intelligent and meaningful remarks. Finding Child care is difficult with little time.

  6. Mr. Skinner has the same information to go off of as the rest of us. They say snow and ice. Now what if there was ice like called for and the bus went off s bridge? Then you same whiners would be on him because he let it happen! DAMNED IF YOU DO AND DAMED IF YOU DONT .THINK PEOPLE!

  7. It makes no difference the call the super makes someone will complain. Parenting is inconvenient sometimes. Be glad you had a heads up the day before and not 30 minutes before the bus is supposed to arrive to pick up your child. It is better to err on the side of caution than to place your kid on a school bus with drivers that are INEXPERIENCED with driving on icy roads and bridges. Had there of been ice and a school bus accident you would be suing the school board, the bus company and the driver so please just be grateful it did not come to that. Because I know they are glad.

  8. It is so sad that parents do not want to deal with their own children first and foremost, but you refuse to support the teachers when they are acting a fool and disturbing the learning process at school.
    Secondly Mr. Skinner is responsible for every person, child or adult, that falls under the Natchitoches Parish School Board. So what he cancelled school because he had OUR children’s safety at heart. Imagine how you’d want to condemn him if it did snow, or if there was ice, and a school bus turned over killing babies. Then what? So hush!

  9. Does the Superintendent realize what an inconvenience this causes. The extra cost of having to find sitters or having children at home alone while, as a single parent. This is unbelievable and unnecessary. So now. The front is actually moving through later which will probably call for another snow day. Thanks for nothing!

  10. The Superintendent will be criticized no matter what he decides or when he decides it. That is always the case when it comes to weather closures. Parents that work must have fair warning to make childcare arrangements for no-school days. Waiting to hear about it the morning of a closure is tough trying to get childcare and still have to make it to work on time. Many of my friends are in that same boat.
    The roads in this parish are substandard in good weather. Add ice and you have a recipe for tragedy. Those who criticize the decision not to run school buses today would scream loud and long with the report that a bus full of kids was in an accident on slick roads. No decision will make everyone happy. Side of caution is the better bet.

    • The only thing worst than a stupid decision is someone who condones it. The weather channel said it wasnt supposed to get here until 8 PM! At the very least he could have done a half day. The Superintendent is a moron and the board for condoning him!

      • Well considering he has the responsibility to run the school system safely and you don’t I guess your statement is irrelevant. By the way if the only place you get your weather information is the “Weather Channel” you missed out a bunch of models that showed a very distinct possibility of the the kind of weather over which schools were closed. You would be the first to criticize had he not closed schools or waited to the last minute and the weather turned out as bad as predicted by some. SMH

    • Yeah Jim it is a lack of depth perception but it’s on your part, you have no clue on the myriad of factors that go into the running of a school system. Philip had it right. Given all of the data and the responsibility what would you have done? Waited until 6 am or made a decision in time for parents to make a call on alternative plans? Oh never mind you are one of those that confuse 20/20 hindsight with what was actually happening at the time.

    • Again Matt, you bitch and complain about things that don’t amount to a hill of beans. The State allows the same number of days as years before for unforeseen events. If you want to bitch about the amount of time kids get off (holidays, teacher in service, etc.} look no further than your legislature and State Board of “Education”, I’m sure you will be disappointed when you finally face the fact that the Super doesn’t control that but is responsible for the safety of the employees and students.

  11. I spent few years in Colorado and you got snowed in a week for 3 feet
    of snow,um hello Natchitoches this is not snow.

  12. A while back , I won’t say how long, the schools would wait until about 6am to close the schools.
    “SNOW DAY!” Oh,… never mind.

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