Ponderings with Doug – February 1, 2019

On those weekends when I am working Honey-Do projects at the camp, we will eat at least one meal at Gap Farms in Arcadia. I do enjoy a meal served at a gas station. Friday and Saturday nights are “steak nights.” We nod our order as we walk in. We have been there so much they know our order by heart.

If it is Saturday morning, Gap Farms serves wonderful omelets. The Saturday morning crew knows our order by heart too. That is one of the joys of small-town living, people know you and they know your ordering habits.

I will also confess that Marilyn at Lasyone’s knows our breakfast order too. She will ask us, “The usual?” I miss Marilyn and I’m thinking about a Lasyone’s omelet right now.

It was a Saturday morning and we were at Gap Farms for breakfast. There were many former church members eating there that Saturday morning. We had old home week with folks we pastored nearly 30 years ago. None of us have changed, except we have many more years of life experience under our belts. James Poole once said, “There is no one as beloved as the beloved FORMER pastor.” I was working the room enjoying my beloved status.

Our server was Nascha. She takes care of us on Saturday mornings. She is about to complete her higher education journey and we “help” her with career suggestions. She is an amazing young woman and will have a bright future in whatever endeavor she pursues. She has exceptional people skills. That was a hint for you potential employers in Lincoln, Webster and Bienville Parishes. I think she would be happy continuing to work at Gap Farms. Her love for what she does, shows.

We ate. Nascha brought us our bill for the meal. I have attached a copy of that document. Look at it carefully and tell me what you think. Upon first glance it would appear that the meal was paid for by a generous former church member. That was the assumption that was made.

I plopped some cash on the table and we proceeded to the exit.

We pondered “that breakfast bill” for a while. It certainly looked like it was paid. The balance was zero. But who paid it for us? How could we thank the generous breakfast bill payer?

The next Friday night we were in our usual seats at Gap Farms. I sit in front of the freezer. It is the very last chair in the place. The last chair is in the corner of the room. It is my safe place. On this night, it was steak night. The bill came. Same thing, the balance read 0.00. Because there were no beloved former church members in the place, we interpreted the math differently.

We had indeed walked out on our breakfast bill the week before. I left without paying! I think that is a crime.

I paid for steak night and for the previous breakfast. I also offered my humblest apology. I know how to read bills at Gap Farms now!

If your preacher is pointing out your sins on Sunday morning, rest assured if they are pointing a finger at you, they have three fingers pointed back at them. I am reminding you and ME, that I am a sinner. Sometimes my sins wear me out. I long for eternity when the dark side of our nature will be redeemed.

I’m wondering what heaven will be like. We will be there, but our sinful nature will not. We will be whole. We will have complete understanding.

We will not make mistaken assumptions.

Imagine conversations and relationships where only love, joy and peace are present. Imagine a world in which all darkness and evil is banished.

I understand why the last prayer of the Bible is, “Even so, Come Lord Jesus.”

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  1. After looking at the receipt it is rather deceiving. We’ve never had one before that showed a zero balance. Of course it will be zero AFTER you pay the said amount! Chalk it up to just another change for us “ older “ folks to get used to!

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