Superintendent addresses inspection reports for school cafeterias

Superintendent Dale Skinner wanted to set the record straight at the School Board Committee meeting Tuesday night, Feb. 5, regarding an investigative report on school cafeteria health inspections.

The Natchitoches Parish School District was included in a list of schools that were written up by state health inspectors for health code violations during the most recent academic year.

The 61 violations in Natchitoches were not critical violations, according to Skinner, who said he resents the fact that the information was published in a way that made it look like the school district was feeding children in a hazardous environment.

Some of the violations are minor equipment repairs such as a leak in the walk-in cooler and outside freezer. Another is “mops not hung where they can air correctly.” They also include:

Repair gauges on dishwasher, milk cooler needs repair, courtyard door needs weather stripping, and missing floor tiles around freezer.

If the building has a leak which has caused damage to the ceiling tiles, this is considered a hazard. Skinner assured the board that measures will be taken to correct everything and that the children’s health and safety always comes first.

To see inspection reports for schools and area restaurants search by name online at The NPJ pulled the most recent inspection reports for a few of the area schools (SEE DOCUMENTS BELOW).

9 thoughts on “Superintendent addresses inspection reports for school cafeterias

  1. if you go to and read the report it gets a lot worse.
    They found rat feces in food storage areas,i would suggest everyone
    read story at .

  2. Milk cooler needs repair? REALLY!! You consider spoiled milk a minor issue? Mops that is contaminated with bacteria and microbes as minor? Skinner is an idiot! How long will the board condone his stupidity?

  3. You can go to ANY food service related business and find those non- critical issues ANY of them . It’s the critical issues to be worried about. Just go to the site and look at your favorite eatery and you will see! If they have NO issues then the inspection was not completed very well no exceptions!

  4. Skinner needs to run for a higher office,i mean with all the BS he feeds the
    public and gets away with .I wonder if Mr.Skinner eats at the cafeterias or is
    he using company credit card to eat else where ? Just google his name and you will see where he has lied to the district about using private phone numbers to campaign.

  5. Mr Skinner always has a great defense. In this case he is probably right, maybe the infractions were minor but whether it is building codes, the cafeteria, test scores, privacy breaches, etc., the sum total is just too much to ignore. When you have a superintendent that has spent his entire career in a school system that is consistently at the bottom, then through no fault of his own, his only frame of reference is failure.

      • There are plenty of sources. It is well known Louisiana is always near the bottom. I guess you could make a case to say Natchitoches is in the middle, but it is still middle of the bottom. No doubt there are good people working in the school system but it is unfair for them to be led by someone who has never worked in a top level system and does not have that frame of reference. That is not a critism, just a statement of fact.

    • Well Joe that was a lame attempt at justifying your first post. Again cite your sources about being at the bottom. FYI, “citing” means actually listing your sources for us to check the veracity of your charge.

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