Ponderings with Doug – February 8, 2019

Hidden in the middle of our downtown historic district is a mobile home park. You get extra credit if you can find it. It is surrounded by homes in various states of historicity. Some of the home owners are allowing their history to show, other home owners have recently remodeled. These houses maintain their historical façade while being completely modernized.

I’m not sure about the mobile homes, I have not looked.

I mention the mobile home park only because I am making a terrible assumption. One of the many ways my dad spent my inheritance was on a mobile home park. My dad, in a stroke of financial brilliance, purchased the property and the park in the early 70’s. I made summer spending money mowing the grass for the park. There were over one hundred trailers in the park. This is before the day of the double wide, these were either 12 or 14-foot-wide mobile homes.

My cultural education was much ahead of the average High School student because of the trailer park. My dad’s favorite explanation was to smile and say, “one day you will understand.” I didn’t figure some of the stuff out until the Jerry Springer show enlightened me. There was some stuff going on in that trailer park! I remind you that I grew up in Alabama!

I know our downtown mobile home park is both historical and well-heeled. But someone back there owns a rooster. That was my terrible assumption, certainly people in historical houses wouldn’t own a rooster. We have an historical rooster. I enjoy opening my office door and listening to him. One does not expect to hear a rooster deep within the boundaries of our Natchitoches Historical District. Without fail the rooster does his thing in the mornings. I have also heard the rooster in the afternoons. I’m sure the afternoon offering has something to with keeping his voice in good form for his morning offertory.

I’m sure the rooster is getting on someone’s last nerve. That seems to be the way of our culture. We are overly and easily offended. Everything is wrong now. Political correctness is a danger to freedom. We are also losing our freedom of speech. But that is another article; no, that is a whole book actually!

The rooster is not politically correct. Decades ago, I surmise there were several roosters running around this neighborhood. There were chicken coops in the backyards. Trash was buried under or around those coops. If you want to find some historical depression glass, figure out where the chicken coop was and start digging. Of course, those folks were not as enlightened nor as snow flake fragile as we are.

Once I went on a mission trip with James Poole. We did a construction project, VBS and I preached a revival in a ten-day period on Grand Turk in the British West Indies. James didn’t tell us that donkeys ran free on the island. One does not expect to be awakened by a donkey braying in the bedroom window. Have you ever been awakened by a donkey sticking it’s head in your bedroom window and braying? I do not recommend it as a soothing way to wake up. That was one of the local experiences on Grand Turk.

When I hear the rooster, I think about that mission trip and the donkey alarm clock. I think about a time and place when chickens ran free in the yards. I am thankful to God for His creation. I am grateful that I can still hear His creation crow. The rooster could be a bother, but I hear him as a blessing.

What bothersome blessings has God placed in your life?

One thought on “Ponderings with Doug – February 8, 2019

  1. Hey, I didn’t know you’re from Alabama. Me, too, but transplanted to the Pelican state in 1993. I have some familiarity with trailer parks, but don’t remember many chickens in them and certainly not downtown. Used to be one at NSU; some said he was an escapee from the Ag School. He’s gone now, maybe from old age or as dinner for a stray animal. I bet possums and raccoons will eat chickens if they can catch them, and if you’re ever tried to catch one, you know they’ll give you a good run for the money. I’ll look deep within the boundaries for this mythical trailer park in historic downtown Natch.

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