School Board will look into drug testing new hires

The Natchitoches Parish School Board held a brief meeting Thursday night, Feb. 7.

The board tabled an agenda item to approve a drug test plan for all new employees until the March meetings. Until then, information will be gathered on feasibility and pricing. A policy will need to be set in place and a committee will be formed to examine the data once it’s gathered. Superintendent Dale Skinner will reach out to other districts to see what policies and procedures they have in place for drug testing.

The board did authorize the initiation of a study on pricing and feasibility to randomly drug screen all current NPSB employees. Currently the NPSB has 1,013 paid workers (tutors, day-to-day subs, etc.) and 680 full-time employees (teachers, principals, cafeteria workers, etc.).

Skinner addressed some negative reactions from parents regarding his decision to close schools on Jan. 29 due to a severe winter weather forecast. Once Skinner is apprised of the situation by the weather authorities and the Sheriff’s Office, the School District would be in trouble if Skinner allowed school to go on and something happened to students.

Board members agreed that they’d rather Skinner err on the side of safety.

The Tax Commission Report from Tuesday night’s committee meeting showed sales tax collections down 5.58 percent from December 2017 to December 2018. Director of Finances Richard Foshee said that year over year they’re still ahead of the previous year, but that it just won’t continue this way.

Other items included:

Approve contract between First Choice Therapy Inc. and the Natchitoches Parish School Board

6 thoughts on “School Board will look into drug testing new hires

  1. most every decent job has a drug screen to get job and then randomly
    after hire.And anyone can pass a drug test,you can buy clean urine in
    most stores.I would most definitely want people around my kids to be drug

  2. Frankly I couldn’t care less about drug testing new hires, more needs to be done to ensure that those that are hired show up and do their jobs. There are too many, including some on the Board, that are more worried about what others are doing and undermining those in charge than doing their jobs. Just to be clear if you are showing up and doing your job and not playing politics then you are NOT the problem so don’t get out your flame thrower.

  3. What the heck?! As part of the hiring process, all new teachers have to be fingerprinted. And state employees (and lots of other workers in all types of agencies and businesses, too) have at least yearly drug screenings. I think there’s a clause in a teacher’s contract that says you agree to a random drug test at any time. I just assumed they did that. Guess I was wrong because a former instructor at NSU was charged with crimes involving marijuana, but not fired for it. Maybe encouraged to retire, but not fired. I’ll bet there would be plenty of people fired if the school board put random testing of everybody involved with education into practice. People just seem to have a lax attitude about pot around here.

  4. Yes, I agree with erring on the side of safety. People should remember that just because they don’t see ice or snow doesn’t men there aren’t hazardous driving conditions in other places. Bridges ice up before the roads do. And there’s a lot of water in Louisiana, so there are a lot a bridges.

  5. I’m sure that Miss Palmer will do a wonderful job for the children in this parish. However, I feel that she needs to learn more about how the school system works. Some of her comments were way off beat.

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