Police Department offers Bench Warrant Special

The Natchitoches Police Department is clearing bench warrants with reduced fees until March 29.

Anyone with an active failure to appear bench warrant with the NPD may clear their warrant Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Participants will only be required to pay a $50 bench warrant fee per charge and a $15 bond fee. Participants will be issued a new court date rather than being arrested.

To find out if you have a bench warrant call 357-3796, 357-3884 or 471-0025.

6 thoughts on “Police Department offers Bench Warrant Special

  1. I didn’t realize how high the crime rate is in Natchitoches. Especially burglaries! Local pawn shops make a killing buying stolen stuff for pennies on the dollar and selling for real dollars. Nice racket.

  2. sounds like drug take back,bring In your drugs we will look the other way,or like on tv when they say hey ! you won a 50″ inch tv and guy comes in on parol or warrant and they arrest you.lol
    Best and easiest way to avoid a “warrant” don’t break the law or if you do
    show up to fricking court or be family member to someone who is somebody in Natchitoches.

  3. Only in Natchi-trash! Sad thing is our low life moronic citizens probably won’t take advantage of it.

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