20 thoughts on “NPSB – Do we want a 4-day school week?

  1. The kids need to go to school like they are now five days a week and kids need there summer break because the parents work and some don’t have baby sitters

  2. I worked for the NPSB as Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Board back when Mike Whitford was Superintendent. I don’t know what has happened to the administration since then and since Kenneth Dutile left, but I do know that children need a constructive routine in their lives. I am retired now and raising two grand children so a babysitter is not a problem. But for the parents who work five days a week, it will most probably be a problem plus an added expense that many cannot afford. I cannot see anything good coming out of a four day school week.

  3. I personally dont have a problem with the idea (I am not a school board member or teacher). I know other schools and parishes do this so I would like to get their opinions and how things are working, with data. I would prefer them to go until at least 5 so working parents can just pick their kids up when they get off work, or be home when they get dropped off from the bus.

    As far as the Mondays off, there is no difference from this to being off Monday-Friday during Spring Break, Christmas Break, or summer vacation. I would simply hire a high school student to babysit on Mondays, but thats a luxury I can afford.

    • What about the parents that work and have to put the kids in daycare and some daycare do not take the kids if the parents not working r going to school so with that been said they just need to leave it along they need to be wording about all this bullying

      • If the parents are not working or going to school then there is no need for childcare, simply take care of your children yourself

  4. If we go four day, we had better first think about the effect on the children. What will they do on Mondays? Will they hold part time jobs? Will they read? Go to day care? Go to a library? Exercise? Use drugs? Commit crimes? Have sex and make babies? I suggest an advisory committee of one teacher and one parent per school, plus one city police officer and parish sheriff officer to meet within a month to provide their best thinking to the NPSB. We best have a community wide plan, or we will have a terrible crime increase. This I believe……….

    • Without a doubt, Mr. Barker. This could have a huge impact on the parish. LOL … what job allows you to work only on Mondays? What day care is going to take in all these kids? Does our library have enough space and staff to handle a large influx of children? There are plenty of drugs here, so the kids will have enough even if we’re lacking in these other areas…

      I predict 3 things: more crimes committed by juveniles, more drug traffic and use, more babies. What I’d like to predict is more reading, higher grades, and more exercise.

      • so you are saying that not going to school is the “gateway” to teen sex and drug abuse ? Heck,you can go to school and still have sex
        and do drugs I mean good time management would knock this out,there is 24 hours in a day.
        I say we stop going to school all together and make the kids tend to the farm and learn hard labor like our fore fathers did.

  5. Hopefully you will publish the results of this survey. I have a feeling that it will be the most one sided survey in the history of surveys. The only folks to vote for it will be some teachers and the school board members that came up with this ridiculous idea…

  6. Really, this is a suggestion from someone that doesn’t have kids.. I bet.. Give the Teachers the extra money that will be given to childcare, the courts,,etc..Let keep kids in school!

  7. Unless the structure of employment changes completely, then no. Parents have no choice but to work five days or more per week. Teachers make less money. Parents make less money. Students are stranded with a door key and less education. I can’t imagine why this concept needs to be discussed. Kids need sports, music, pep rallies, dance, clubs, debate, hands on science, and community service. What would become of these learning opportunities?

  8. Another day to pay childcare since parents still gonna have to go to work. Another day for teens to sit around and do nothing or find trouble to get into, ya know since there’s no activities or jobs for the teens to do.

    • There are jobs available. Home training will keep them out of trouble. The school is to educate not raise or babysit!

      • There are no jobs for struggling parents much less for middle school and teenagers. Nobody said anything about school baby sitting but our kids education comes FIRST . DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH EDUCATION YOU CAN MISS IN ONE DAMN DAY? FOR EXAMPLE TAKE A SICK DAY , WHEN A CHILD HAS A SICK DAY DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH EDUCATION THEY MISS FROM THAT ONE DAY ???? NO APPARENTLY YOU DON’T !!!

      • In an effort to save money for a failed system the NPSB is shifting their economic burdens back on the community. What happened to the taxes that you took three efforts to get passed? The problem is the school leaders and the political bias of the system. The controlling board members used their position to hire family members, promote personnel on nepotism or political connections and creating a hostile work environment for teachers. Hundreds of students are fleeing the system opting to leave the parish or attend private schools costing the system millions of dollars in lost MFP funds The NPSB deliberately refuses to stop the huge drain of money from our system to other school systems even though federal rules demand it stupid economic mistakes by the Duke and Skinner administration has cost this system millions of dollars. Lawsuits filed against the board for actions instigated by Skinner is draining the system of educational funds. Unlawful contracts by the board has cost the system (cp-tel).now you want the community to pict up the slack for your incompetent actions YOU ARE THE PROBLEM

  9. The kids in Natchitoches parish is out of school enough already. They need to go to school five days a week. When I went to school we didn’t get out for everything that comes up. KEEP THW KIDS IN SCHOOL . !!!!!

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