Infrastructure Improvements Continue As Waterlines Are Installed

The City of Natchitoches would like to advise the residents of East Natchitoches in the area of East Fifth from Saint Clair to Saint Maurice that Lawler Construction, Inc. will continue working to improve water services by running the lines for final connections to the homes over the next few weeks. Several streets in this area have water meters behind homes which the construction crew will need access to in order to move the meters to the front (street side) of the properties. Lawler Construction, Inc. has been instructed to make contact with the homeowner before beginning work.

The City of Natchitoches appreciates the public’s patience while these improvements are being made to the city’s water system. For more information, contact (318)352-2772.

One thought on “Infrastructure Improvements Continue As Waterlines Are Installed

  1. I hope they finish soon, my yard and street is a muddy mess. Looks like the Red River in front of my house. Are they gonna put our yards back in shape like they were before all this mess started?

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