Man arrested for animal cruelty

The Natchitoches Animal Control office received a complaint on March 13 from a concerned citizen in reference to the welfare of two dogs on Dixie Street. Animal Control Officers went to the residence located in the 1500 block of Dixie Street to check on the animals. Upon arrival officers observed a female pit-bull mix on a chain that appeared very thin and malnourished. Also on the property was another female dog on a chain that was deceased. Officers attempted to make contact with the owner of the dogs, but no one was at the residence. Animal Control officers seized the pit mix and transported her to a local vet for evaluation and treatment.

Later the owner of the dogs, Travas Turner, met with AC officers at the Natchitoches Police Department. After being interviewed about the situation with the care of his dogs Turner was taken into custody.

Travas Turner, 36, was arrested and charged with 2 counts of felony cruelty to animals, 2 counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals, no rabies vaccination, no city pet license and maintenance of premises. Turner was placed in the Natchitoches parish Detention Center where his bond was set at $7, 500.

To report an animal concern, please call Natchitoches Animal Control at 357-3885 or the NPD at 352-8101. All calls shall remain anonymous.

8 thoughts on “Man arrested for animal cruelty

  1. People who mistreat animals should have the same things done to them. I bet these were fighting dogs. Either that or breeders for fighters. When is this parish going to get serious about dog fighting? And this STATE for that matter? Dog fighting is CLOSELY associated with the drug trade, gangs and their associated violence, illegal weapons, gangsta culture, organized crime, and a wealth of other illegal activities. I see people walking dogs that are breeds especially trained for dog fighting almost every day. If I can see it, why can’t animal control?!

    • lady J,we need to get a drink one day.I like what you have to say about stuff.
      I am about to turn in my neighbor for cruelty to an animal and I am pretty sure
      is in inbred…..certain village in parish.

  2. Thank God for concerned neighbor. Finally called neglect and abuse in. Man Charged as Felony and fined $7,500. Most of the time animal at least got rescued and nothing done to Abuser. This man was found accountable. Too late for second Dog. But, at least one was rescued. Hopefully gets into a Wonderful Forever home.

  3. I am so elated to hear of another arrest for animal cruelty, these types of arrest need to happen more often and with stiffer sentences. I feel that when someone treats these precious animals like this the they should be penalized as if it were a human being they were mistreating. Higher bails and much more prison time! Treat these perps as the scum of the earth which they are!

  4. Trash is gonna trash. Sad thing is he will get a slap on the wrist and then go back to being a pos again.

  5. Thank you concerned neighbor! Disgusting how some people treat animals. Shame on you, Travis, for being so hard hearted. Too bad you won’t get the same treatment in jail.

  6. If this individual has children or anyone dependent on him please check on their welfare. No punishment is severe enough for anyone hurting animals or the vulnerable. Thanks to the concerned citizen who called in the proper authorities. AC thank you for doing a tough job.

  7. This is the saddest and most disgusting thing. Breaks my heart. Thank you NPD for all you do in our community.

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