Natchitoches needs an indoor pool: March meeting

The next meeting of the newly chartered Natchitoches Community Health and Exercise Education Association (NCH&EEA) will be held on Tuesday, March 26 at a new time, 5:30-6:30 p.m., at the Natchitoches Arts Center, 716 Second Street. Introduction of potential Board candidates, discussion of committee assignments, and the seeking of ideas and opinions from members of the public will take place. The new organization also will seek volunteers who will want to participate in setting up fun community health and exercise events for children and adults throughout the year.

6 thoughts on “Natchitoches needs an indoor pool: March meeting

  1. Natchitoches does need an indoor poor. Some people recovery needs that kind of therapy year around. And there are so many things the pool would be used for. The benefits would out weigh the cost. The city spends so much on the tourist,this would be great for the people. They’re not going to fix the roads anyway so spend the money on something the tax payers can use!

    • Write your fat check then. YOU pay for it! All of you supporting this project get out your checkbooks! Take out a second mortgage on your house and donate the money to the pool fund. I personally don’t care if a private group makes this happen. BUT NOT ONE DIME OF TAXPAYER MONEY!

      • I am with you Jason,i do not want any of my taxes going to this pool
        if they want private money more power to them.And you are exactly
        right saying taxes aren’t helping roads at all .

  2. unless it’s so super cool and hip that they have,adult nude swim night,people
    of walmart swim night,only the sexy people swim night.Singles swim night .Let your dog swim night,if your allowed to drink beer.

  3. 1.Natchitoches does not need a pool they want one .
    2. I recently read in an article that if one synchronized swimmer drowns
    they all have to drown.

    • Agree Matt. Some people get confused with those words. I hope the city doesn’t pay for the pool rather than fixing out streets and other needed infrastructure.

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