School board will evaluate superintendent, may discuss contract review

School Board member Emile Metoyer placed an item on the agenda for Tuesday night’s committee meeting to go into executive session to discuss Superintendent Dale Skinner’s contract and evaluation.

Since there are five new board members who have yet to see Skinner’s contract, the evaluation was tabled until a Special Called meeting on April 17 at 5 pm. This meeting will also address actions that need to be taken on bids including one to update the Fairview softball field, two playgrounds at Goldonna and Fairview, and HVAC and lighting updates at Magnet. Board members will receive a copy of Skinner’s contract and a Superintendent job description to look over.

According to Board President Rhonda Guidroz, the evaluations will indicate whether there are any issues with the superintendent that need to be addressed that would lead them to a contract review. Metoyer agreed to table the discussion on a contract review until the board’s June meeting. Going into executive session would require a two-thirds vote, but Skinner will have the right to open the proceedings up to the public, which he stated he would do if it came down to it.

David Engal with Fortenberry & Ballard CPA presented the School Board Audit for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Findings included:

  • Record keeping for capital assets, which Director of Finances Richard Foshee is working on with the auditors.
  • Accounting system dealing with inter fund transfers, which need to be documented for the reason and who performed the transfer.
  • Budgetary schedules ruction for General Fund (budget couldn’t reconcile to actual cash statements).
  • Time issue with the food service fund regarding reimbursements for how many meals are served on a monthly basis.
  • State Compliance finding with consolidated school district 8 fund for Provencal, which has had a deficit balance for several years. 
  • Time frame in which audits are submitted. Engal advised starting to prepare the budget earlier in the year. 

He also said the School Board has improved the net position in the General Fund, which had approximately $1.4 million from the previous year, has approximately $4.8 million in it as of June 30. He said this should continue to improve as the year continues.

Bids to take action on at Thursday night’s board meeting include:

  • Financial Management/School Accounting Software, which is about 15 years old according to Foshee ($182,000).
  • Weaver HVAC/lighting revisions ($910,000).
  • East Natchitoches HVAC/lighting revisions ($632,000).
  • LP Vaughn HVAC/lighting revisions (bids will be available at Thursday night’s meeting).

Foshee presented the tax report which is up 1.86%, but is still relatively flat on sales tax. The School Board also had to reimburse the Dept. of Education $47,000 from the Child Food Services Fund. Both lab schools were included in the report that includes the schools that receive free lunches, however neither lab schools receives free lunches. This was just an oversight in reporting.

7 thoughts on “School board will evaluate superintendent, may discuss contract review

  1. Any issues with the superintendent that need to be addressed? Ask the teachers who’ve worked for him about how much of a bully he is.

    • well put lady J.Ask the teachers what they think ? ask him about the private call list he used for political reasons ? I think you should just cut ties and get new blood in and if you want to find out more about the private call list just google it.

  2. Backbone? You’re kidding right? It’s nothing but a stunt, Emile is a one trick pony interested in keeping the School System a jobs program for his family and friends, never mind the improving scores.

    • That’s always been true in Natch Parish. I remember a lot of talk among teachers and those turned away, qualified teachers, when that Brooks person was hiring. I don’t know how much of that was true. but some said so. You know how rumors spread. But, it should never be true! It should also be a one-strike and you’re out! terminable offense.

      I don’t anything about what this Emile Metoyer has done, but if just one qualified teacher was past over in favor of a family member hired, both that teacher and Mr. Metoyer need to be shown the door. Again, if what you post is true. Our schools are no place for such nonsense.

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