NPJ welcomes new Style and Culture columnist

To introduce myself, I am local fashion stylist and designer Kris James. I am delighted to bring a new Style and Culture column to the Natchitoches Parish Journal. I thought, what better way to start this fashion focused column than to tell my own story.

At the age of 17, I started my own business, at the time named House of D’laquor. Growing up in Campti, I never met a designer or stylist. I never thought it was possiable to make a career in the fashion industry. I had no one to look up to. Nobody was doing what I wanted to do but the real question was how to make my dream a reality. So I created my own clothing line and took the risk, never realizing my dreams would open the doors for others with dreams just as big as mine. Our dreams were bigger then the small time life that we saw.

After 10 years of designing and directing my own shows and countless other ventures, I took a break to focus on being Creative Director for my online store During this time I often found myself getting lost or not connecting to my audience anymore. I was becoming a victim of my small town life. Something I feared my whole life. There would be times I would catch myself walking down Front Street in Natchitoches, pretending I was on Madison Avenue or Rodeo Drive. At that moment I realized I couldn’t be the only one who fantasized about a glamorous lifestyle here in Natchitoches. I couldn’t be the only one who wished that there were others who loved having sushi and cocktails with friends like the ladies of Sex and the City.

I was told that fashion would never make it here, but I do not belive that. Natchitoches is home to some of the most artistic and creative minds in Louisiana, but most these achievements get over shadowed by sports and politics. Natchitoches has produced models who have walked high profile fashion shows and models who have been featured in major ad campaigns. Some of the best photographers and artists in Louisiana went to school at Northwestern State University. Let’s not forget about the directors and actors. These are all forms of Art that should be celebrated.

We are more then country life and historical landmarks. We have flavor and style. I plan on doing “Where’s Kris” segments and Artist Spotlights and of course, Trend Forecasts, giving me the opportunity to share “who wore what” and “who really has style.” Let’s make socializing stylish again!

“Glamour is something more then what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others.”

– Tom Ford

12 thoughts on “NPJ welcomes new Style and Culture columnist

  1. Hi Kris, I’m very happy to hear you are riding the waves of your dreams. I attended one of your fashion shows some years ago and it was quite interesting. I should say, fantastic. Keep up the good work and it’s really great that you are bringing fashion to the City of Lights, Natchitoches. Always be acceptable to constructive criticism. It helps build “Character” not break it down. Mrs. Wong from Hong King aka Stephanie Wong Ortiz

  2. I am so happy to see you bring your dream into a reality. Always remember there is nothing that you cannot do. I will always be your #1 fan. Continue to do “Kris.”

  3. Nice column but please research the use of “then” and “than” because you are not using them correctly. I totally agree with you about Natchitoches producing many successful people and also about living your dream. At some point though, realize that your dreams may outgrow Natchitoches and please don’t be afraid to “Jump” (Steve Harvey’s book)! When opportunity knocks, answer the door…… the meantime, be the BEST Style and Culture Columnist Natchitoches has ever seen. Congratulations and Godspeed!!!!

      • Perhaps you could look up the word “critic” in an online dictionary and find out how it’s different from “critique” or “criticize.” Choosing the right word matters.

    • Natchitoches is so full of people that love to correct grammar.. Not sure why we lack in teachers. Maybe you could just be happy for the young man instead of trying to point out a flaw.

  4. God has blessed you with so much talent and creativity Kris. I’ve watched your gifts develop through the years and I am confident that all of your hopes and dreams of success in the world of fashion will come true.

  5. Amazing!!!! We are so proud of you Kris!!!! We are beyond excited for you and this opportunity. Keep up the great work!!!

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